The Tech Trends of 2012, and Looking Ahead to 2013

In this issue:

  • IBM’s 2012 Tech Trends report – It’s about skills
  • New Web lecture, Social Business: Moving from Liking to Leading
  • Connect 2013 – Last few days to get discounted pricing


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IBM Tech Trends report: It’s about skills

You can now see the results of IBM’s groundbreaking 2012 Tech Trends study. And the report’s major finding is a crucial one: IT skills are lacking badly.

In fact, only one in 10 organizations has the skills required today in four critical areas: mobile, business analytics, cloud, and social business. Not only that, but almost 3/4 of students and educators also report moderate to major skill gaps in these key areas.

See the full report, an interactive infographic, and videos on the study’s findings, here.


New Web lecture, Social Business: Moving from Liking to Leading

We have a new Web lecture available, on “IBM Social Business: From Liking to Leading”.

Enterprises today are at the beginning of the era of the social business. The integration of social computing into enterprise design represents an enormous shift in the landscape. And the organizations that successfully transform into social business can reap the benefits – including workforce optimization and deeper customer relationships.

This new Web lecture, free to all and available anytime, is hosted by Scott Neuman, Director, Global Marketing Strategy for Social Business.

Watch it here anytime.

Note: Accessing the lecture library might require a one-time login. (Your login credentials will be remembered when you return.)


Connect 2013 – Last few days to get discounted pricing

We’re just eight weeks away from Connect 2013, a premiere IBM event and a can’t-miss way to kick off your 2013. A reminder to previous attendees: these are the last few days to get discounted pricing, available until Monday, December 10.

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Attention former IBM employees: Let us know you’re attending!

Registration instructions:

When you register, you will be asked how you heard about the conference. Please select “Other” from the list, and then in the open field,  use the code IBMALUM13. That way, we’ll be able to let you know about special Greater IBMer alumni networking opportunities at and around the event.
register birdRegister now to save:

IBM has announced several speakers for the event, including Alistair Rennie, General Manager, IBM Social Business; Sandy Carter, Vice President of IBM Social Business Sales; and Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President of the IBM Software Solutions Group. More will be announced soon.

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Around the World with The Greater IBM Connection

In this issue:

  • IBM Champion Program – Nominations Close Oct. 15
  • The Center for CIO Leadership: Meet Chief Technologist Dr. Manish Gupta
  • New LinkedIn Subgroup Launched: Greater China


IBM Champion Program – Nominations Close Oct. 15

If you’d like to be an IBM Champion or know someone you want to nominate, time is running out – you have until October 15 to nominate YOUR worthy candidate.

Here’s how it works: if you are an outstanding Lotus or WebSphere developer, or  an expert in System z or Power Systems, or if you blog, participate in online forums, etc., about these kinds of topics – in other words, if you’re an advocate of IBM’s capabilities – then you might make a great candidate to be an IBM Champion.

About the IBM Champion Program

Want to know more? Check out a Web lecture

Nomination form


The Center for CIO Leadership: Meet Chief Technologist Dr. Manish Gupta

More than 400 CIOs and other company executives recently attended IBM’s Smarter Cities event in the Capital Region of India. The CIOs worked with city planners on ways to apply technology to solve some of the worst problems in the world’s population centers.

Dr. Manish Gupta

Dr. Gupta, IBM India

To mark the event, IBM’s Center for CIO Leadership interviewed Dr. Manish Gupta, IBM’s Chief Technologist for India and Asia and Director of the research laboratory developing new technology for governments and companies around the globe.

Read the interview

Smarter Cities

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New LinkedIn Subgroup Launched: Greater China

The Greater IBM Connection and IBM Greater China team are pleased to announce the launch of the Greater China LinkedIn subgroup of our community.

Internet users in China are unable to access many of the popular social networks in use today, including Facebook, Twitter, many blogs, YouTube, etc.  The new subgroup enables our community of fellow Greater IBMers to interact and network with the community in China. It also provides a place for users in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to communicate in Chinese.

To join this subgroup, you must must first join the global Greater IBM Connection group on LinkedIn. Please make sure to provide accurate information about your IBM employment on your profile in English, so that your membership can be approved for both communities.

Read more about the new subgroup