Happy Holidays from IBM and Greater IBM (Video)

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Let’s build a brighter 2014. Together, we can light up the world. #IBM #smarterplanet #happyholidays


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–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Data Intelligence – Evolution of Computing Creativity from the 1950s

From the Information Machine video

From the Information Machine video

“As a function of design, the calculator provides creative man a higher platform upon which to stand and from which to work,”  – video narrator.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, here’s a fascinating peek back into the 1950s.  Charles and Ray Eames wrote and produced this commercial for IBM, called ‘The Information Machine: Man and the Data Processor’, which debuted at the 1958 Brussels’ World’s Fair.  It draws the viewer through the evolution of early problem-solving and design theory using a scratchy cartoon animation.  A primitive man, the first ‘artist’, walks the earth observing natural forms and storing their visual properties in a ‘memory bank’ which supplies the data for entire systems of logic.  From there, a somewhat comical leap from the first sail boat to the preeminence of the computer as a tool for creative man.


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– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Big Brains, Small Films: Technologista Julie Schuneman on Crossing Cultures

In this brief video, IBMer and Cloud Technologista Julie Schuneman talks with 5th grader Madison about the work she’s doing with cloud computing in Brazil, and how working with a different culture expands her horizons.

Want more inspiration and videos like this one? Check out ibm.com/technologistas, and learn how you can become an IBMer like Julie.


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IBM Video Wins: Smarter Commerce = Better Business

IBM recently won a video-making contest by teaming with MOFILM, an organization that helps enable film-makers to create videos for big brands and social causes. Participants were charged with creating films that showcased the customer in context. Entries were voted on, via Twitter, by the audience at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit Nashville.

And the winner is…cookies! Check out the winning IBM video on how Smarter Commerce is working in the world. Here’s a hint: it’s all about the right approach:



sc logoSmarter Commerce

Smarter Commerce Solutions

Conversations: Your Customer in Context

Smarter Commerce Global Summit



– Posted by Regan Kelly. Part of our May 2013 theme on emerging trends.

Mobile Business Isn’t Your Devices, It’s What’s BETWEEN Them

mobile firstMobile business is more than devices; it’s what you can do with the data between them.

In other words, the mobile world is open for business. Learn more.


IBM Mobile First

See it in action

IBM Offerings


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Video Tour: Capturing the Character of the IBM Brand

– from VSAPartners.org

In this two-minute video tour, the roots of the IBM brand are traced to the company’s management of its character. It is narrated by Jon Iwata, IBM Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

“IBM on Brand” draws from the VSA Partners’ brand agency’s long collaboration with IBM, which now spans nearly 20 years. It’s part of a series of short films created by VSA to capture the current thinking behind leadership brands — specifically, their origins and intent, audiences and ingredients, and business or societal impact.


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IBM CEO Virginia Rometty to Address the Council on Foreign Relations

On Thursday, March 7, Ginni Rometty will be addressing members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Virginia Rometty headshot

Virginia Rometty

The event will be broadcast live on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. EST. Get the details and watch it here.

You can see a replay and read more about the speech on the Smarter Planet blog, where you can also join the conversation.


— Posted by Regan Kelly, Editor/Community Manager, The Greater IBM Connection