Get Social. Do Business. IBM Connect 2013 is Almost Here

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  • Show your appreciation – it’s time
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IBM Connect 2013 – Register now to save

Social business represents a significant transformational opportunity for organizations. If you want to learn more about what it takes, then IBM Connect 2013 (Jan. 27 – 31 in Orlando, FL) is your “must attend” event to kick off the new year.

Register for this event and identify yourself as an IBM alumnus/alumna, and we’ll let you know about special alumni networking opportunities at and around the event.

Register now to save – discounted pricing is available until December 10th. Will you be the one talking about it or asking about it?  Learn more about IBM Connect 2013.


Show your appreciation – it’s time

In the US, the Thanksgiving holiday arrives next week. And that’s a terrific time to recognize the skills and talents of your employees.

Just like any other day.

Everyone wants to be seen and acknowledged; be sure you’re showing your employees that you appreciate their contributions.

The best leaders know that employee appreciation should be an ongoing activity, not just reserved for one day out of the year. In this blog post, read about 10 thoughtful ways to show your employees or colleagues that you value their contributions.


What are you talking about?

Want to know what your fellow Greater IBM Connection community members are thinking about and discussing across our social media sites?People Talking

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10 Ways to Show Employees You Value Their Contributions

national employee appreciation day

Employee appreciation – it’s not just for Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming up next week in the US, and that’s a great time to tell your employees and colleagues how much you value and appreciate their contributions.

So is every other day of the year.

In fact, small surprises or tokens of your appreciation given throughout the year go a long way toward making the people in your work life feel valued all year long.

Need ideas, though, about how to praise and thank your coworkers and employees? The opportunities are limited only by your imagination – here are 10 ways to thank those in your workplace. Any day. (from