IBM Study – Champions of SaaS (Software as a Service): Infographic + Video

Image Credit:  IBM Center for Applied Insights

Image Credit: IBM Center for Applied Insights

IBM Study: Champions of SaaS (Software as a Service)

Pacesetters are looking to Software as a Service for competitive advantage

On January 28, 2014, IBM announced the results of a new study entitled Champions of Software as a Service:  How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage which found that nearly half of the businesses using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are achieving competitive advantage, rather than simply reducing costs.  The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) has skyrocketed over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down.  What’s driving that demand?  While many of the more than 800 IT and business decision makers that IBM surveyed worldwide as part of this study did cite reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their applications as the top reason for adopting SaaS, almost half are also using SaaS to attain a broad range of powerful benefits that combine to deliver something even more critical: competitive advantage.

Some key data points:

  • 71% of Pacesetters have reduced time to market of products/services by using SaaS
  • 71% of Pacesetters have used SaaS to change their organization’s business model
  • They put social tools at the top of their most-favored SaaS applications
  • They are more than twice as likely to have leveraged analytics across their organization to turn big data into insights using SaaS

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(The study was by the IBM Center for Applied Insights)



–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

IBM Study – Setting the Pace of Innovation in Africa (Infographic)

Image Credit:  IBM Center for Applied Insights

Image Credit: IBM Center for Applied Insights

IBM Study:  Innovating in Africa

Learn from IT leaders ahead of the pack

On January 27, 2014, IBM announced the results of a new study entitled Setting the pace in Africa: How IT leaders deliver on the potential of emerging technologies, which found that while nearly 87 percent of African IT leaders rank new technologies such as analytics, cloud, mobile and social media as being critical to business success, only 53% are pushing forward with adoption.  Africa’s IT and business climate is changing rapidly and the booming technological and consumer revolution is underway. But for all the new opportunities there also are some leadership challenges, skills shortfalls and security risks that threaten to slow tech-driven progress. However, pace-setting IT leaders are tackling these challenges and positioning their organizations for competitive advantage.

What’s holding businesses back – and giving Pacesetters the lead:

  • STRATEGIC BUSINESS LEADERSHIP FOR IT:  African Pacesetters do more to tangibly demonstrate the value of emerging technology.  They are 30 percent more likely than their peers to link IT investments to business outcomes.
  • IT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Half of African businesses are still addressing IT skill deficits and not yet developing skills to transform the business.  BUT – Pacesetters are 80 percent more likely than their peers to cultivate IT skills to meet future business needs.
  • INFORMATION SECURITY: The majority of African companies cite security of emerging technologies as a top-of-mind issue.  BUT – Pacesetters are 30 percent more likely to create a risk-aware culture, employ new security technologies and bolster security skills and expertise.

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(The study was by the IBM Center for Applied Insights in collaboration with the IBM Center for CIO Leadership.)



–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Center for Applied Insights Releases “Partnering for Innovation in Financial Services”

Financial Services doesn’t just outsource more than other industries – it has more companies at the leading edge of sourcing. They have more Enterprise Innovators who partner to innovate, not just cut costs – while bringing in more revenue and gross profit.

pull quoteAnd these Financial Services Enterprise Innovators are also more likely to:

  • Create new business and operating models –> increasing agility
  • Be better at anticipating market shifts –> improving responsiveness

They are partnering to innovate — not just outsource — in their journey to become a leader in customer experience and service.

sourcing motivationLearn more in the new Financial Services view of sourcing, “Partnering for innovation in financial services” (based on the results of the Center’s broader Sourcing study, “Why partnering strategies matter“). Written by Caitlin Halferty, Managing Consultant, IBM Center for Applied Insights; and Andrew Lipp, Global Strategy Leader for Banking and Financial Markets. Read or download the .PDF.


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Podcast: What Is IBM Doing To Fight The Growing Skills Gap

fast track

In response to the growing technical skills gap revealed by IBM’s 2012 Tech Trends study, and to help professionals and students learn more about cyber security best practices, IBM rolled out the largest expansion of its Academic Initiative to date earlier this month. For the first time, IBM will offer access to pre-packaged curriculum and training resources on IT security, helping students understand enterprise challenges, do in-depth analysis of trends uncovered in the IBM X-Force report, and gain market-ready cyber security skills.

Check out this podcast to hear Dan Hauenstein, a global lead on IBM’s skills programs, discuss how these new initiatives in cyber security and other advanced technologies will help to solve the global skills epidemic.

Are You on the Fast Track? New Tech Trends Study Out Now

The latest Tech Trends study is here! Check out the report, interactive infographic and videos involved with this year’s study.

For 2012, IBM delved deeper into four technologies that dominated last year’s results: mobile, analytics, cloud, and social business. To fuel the research, IBM developerWorks collaborated with the IBM Center for Applied Insights (CAI) to analyze survey responses from more than 1,200 professionals who make technology decisions for their organizations – IT managers, business professionals and IT practitioners from 16 different industries and 13 countries.

To read about adoption rates, investment levels and how elite organizations are outpacing their competitors, download the study report: Fast track to the future (.PDF, 2KB).

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Leading Marketers: Unleash the Power of Smarter Analytics

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Marketing Analytics – Developing insights that drive business outcomes

Marketers: every day, the amount of data available to you grows―and it’s arriving faster than ever. It’s a rich resource, including information about rivals, markets, segments, even individual customers. But to tap this powerful source of competitive advantage and to uncover insights, marketers need a structured approach.

Marketing analytics lays the groundwork for smarter decisions, successful campaigns, and strengthened customer relationships. It’s the foundation that enables marketers to engage customers as individuals in every interaction across every channel.

A new study from the IBM Center for Applied Insights shows how leading marketers – who are today making 2x the profit of their peers – are making it happen. Read it here:


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