What’s The Buzz for January 2014

Here’s a quick snapshot of what YOU have been talking about for the month of January 2014. Top five discussions/posts on our blog,Twitter, and Facebook.

IBM Infographic Cartoon: So Your Parent is an IBMer (Survival Guide for Kids) 1260
(Replay) IBM Launches New Watson Group in Silicon Alley 293
IBM Connect 2014 – Energizing Life’s Work 266
What Does IBM Watson Look Like?  Generated Art Face the Wave of the Future? 174
How Many Times Should You Try Before Success? (Infographic) – No 1 Top Tweet 161
Jan 11 – 3 Things You Never Knew About #IBM #Creativity – #Games , #Art , and #Music 14
Jan 14 – #IBM led the world in #patent issuances for the 21st year in a row #infographic 12
(Tie) Jan 4 – #Coffee #Personality – What Does Your Favorite Coffee Say About You? #Infographic, Jan 4 – The no. 1 use of the #internet is #social & 94% go to #learn, Jan 19 – #Teamwork is the mother of invention 10 each
Jan 23 – No. 2 most popular Facebook post: #IBM conference call #cartoon 9
(Tie) Jan 3 – Never do things others can do and will do, if there are things others cannot do or will not do – Amelia Earhart quote, Jan 12 – RT/ @TheRealFredrikG: How to #work fast #infographic via @EntMagazine 8 each
Jan 7 – No. 4 on the @Greater_IBM 2013 countdown – Why IS #IBM Called Big Blue? The Uncertain History of a Colorful Nickname 72
Jan 9 – No. 2 on the @Greater_IBM countdown for 2013: #Infographic – How to Identify an #IBMer 72
Jan 23 – Greater IBMers, do you have a conference call today? The number 2 most popular Facebook post from 2013: #IBM conference call #cartoon 72
Jan 15 – IBM CEO Ginni Rometty keynote speech at NRF (photo) 47
Jan 10 – #‎IBM‬ ‪#‎Infographic‬ ‪#‎Cartoon‬ for ‪#‎FridayFun‬ – So Your Parent is an IBMer (Survival Guide for Kids) 43

– By Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

2013 Top Posts – The Greater IBM Connection

Here’s a quick summary of all our top 2013 posts across our blog, Twitter, and Facebook – thanks Greater IBMers!

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Shares Her Leadership Philosophy (Jan 10) 4782
Infographic:  How to Identify An IBMer (June 17) 4589
Video Tour:  Capturing the Character of the IBM Brand (March 21) 3424
Why IS IBM Called Big Blue?  The Uncertain History of a Colorful Nickname (Jan 17) 3286
 50 Years of Innovation:  IBM Honors 2013 Fellows (April 3) 2193
How many times should you try before #success? #infographic (Dec 8) – (blog post link) 20
Top 10 #skills to #succeed in the 21st century #workplace #Infographic (Dec 29) – (blog post link) 14
How a 1995 #IBM decision changed your internet life today – reflections by Irving Wladawsky-Berger #tech (Apr 17) – (blog post link) 12
How will technology improve our lives in the next 5 years #IBM5in5 (Dec 17) – (blog post link) 11
 Tie:  Women in Technology: Consider Joining IBM #IBMjobs #hotjobs #tech (May 24) – (blog post link), #IBM is #4 on Forbes World’s Most Powerful Brands – http://onforb.es/P8Bk63 (Nov 9) 10 each
IBM Smarter pumpkin (Oct 31 – Photo) 454
Have a few calls today, Greater IBM? (Aug 21 – Conference Call Cartoon Photo) 444
“Develop your own initiative. Do something no one else has done.” — Thomas J Watson, Sr (Jan 4 – Photo Quote) 289
Of the 50 Most Powerful Women in New York 2013, as voted by Crain’s New York, look who is in the top spot (June 24 – Photo + Link) 287
50 years of innovation: IBM honors eight new Fellows (Apr 3 – Photo + Link) 247

– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

London most preferred holiday destination for Indians: Study

IMG_4489Majority of people in India plan to take a vacation this month and many of them desire to visit London for holidays, a study has said.

An analysis of 2.50 lakh online conversations has found that international destinations received the most buzz (32 per cent) on all social media platforms and London emerged as the most talked about city for spending holidays.

According to the study by IBM, about 59 per cent of people in India are “looking forward” to taking vacation this month.

While destinations with beaches and palaces were on top of the list for vacations, Goa came out as the most desired place for a holiday followed by Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, on the domestic front.

The study found that as much as 33 per cent of social media conversations tracked revolved around travel and hospitality such as flying, driving and vacations with family and friends, among others.

“Measuring social sentiment has the potential to enable the travel industry to design travel offers and services tailored to what travellers are telling us,” IBM India & South Asia Global Business Services Partner Lata Iyer said.

Read the complete article on economictimes.com | Posted by Khalid Raza

Coffee Break Cartoon: Polly Wants A Hashtag (by IBM Alumni)


The cartoon is courtesy of Devon Wickens, who is an IBM Alumni.  During her time at IBM, she was an Executive Producer of the IBM/TALK corporate radio series.  In 2011, she founded BabyBummers cartoons, which are cartoons about what is trending now.  In addition to her BabyBummers initiative, she also works as a Business Content writer at the Gaming Corporation.  To learn more:



– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

How To Tweet Chat

Graphic Credit:  The Author's Lounge

Graphic Credit: The Author’s Lounge

In a previous post, we talked about the question of WHY you might want to tweet chat (the value of tweet chats).  This post will be about HOW to tweet chat.  Tweet chats that are well-organized will typically provide a ‘preview’ page two to four weeks prior to the event that will outline the topic, what questions will be asked during the tweet chat, and an introduction to the panelists.  While not all tweet chats use this format, for the ones that do, it’s a good idea to visit this preview page often prior to the event to become familiar with the topic and think about what additional questions you may like to ask or what views you would like to share.  When you participate in a tweet chat, it’s really your opportunity to network, so it’s a good idea to spend time preparing to have some intelligent thoughts ready for the event!

So here are the basic steps on how to participate in a tweet chat:

1.  Setup and learn the basics of Twitter

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, then you need to spend some time setting your account up and learning the basics of how Twitter works – in particular, how hashtags work and effective ways to express your thoughts in a 140 character limit.  Here are some great resources to help you get started:

2.  Prepare for the Tweet Chat
If this will be your first Tweet Chat, you may be content to just participate in a ‘listen-only’ or observation mode to learn more about the topic.  If so, there’s not a lot of pre-event preparation you need to do other than Step 1 noted above.  However, if you do have some insights or views you’d like to share, or additional questions you’d like to raise, then it would be a good idea to spend some time before the event preparing.  Read through the preview materials (if provided by the Tweet Chat host) and think about what you would like to share or ask.  Tweet Chats frequently follow a structured question/answer type format, where the chat moderators will post each question, and chat panelists (and participants) will respond following this format (see below).  So, as you prepare your tweets to get ready for the event, be sure to include this format if it’s directly related to one of the chat questions.  If you have a viewpoint or question that is related to the topic but not related specifically to any of the questions, then you would not include the ‘A1′ in your tweet.
  • @chathost: “Q1: What’s your favorite color? #hashtag”
  • @chatparticipant: “A1: Blue! #hashtag”
3.  Participate in the Tweet Chat
While there are several ways to participate in Tweet Chats, Twubs is one web-based tool that makes it easy to participate and follow the chat.  For this example, we are using the People for a Smarter Planet tweet chat hashtag, but it would work the same for any other tweetchat.  You would just replace the #P4SPchat with the appropriate tweet chat hashtag, such as #cloudchat or #IBMSWChat.  Here’s how it works:
  • (a) About 10 minutes prior to the start time, go to Twubs at http://www.twubs.com
  • (b) Type in the hashtag of the Tweet Chat (e.g. #P4SPChat)
  • (c) Click ‘login’ in the upper right corner
  • (d) Login with your Twitter credentials


  • (e) After logging in, make sure you are in the right Tweet Chat (left circle) and are showing as logged in (right circle)


  • (f) You are ready to participate in the Tweet Chat!  You can use the Twubs chat window as shown below to post your tweets – it will automatically populate the Tweet Chat hashtag for you.


  • (g) If you want to reply to an individual in the chat or re-tweet them, you can use the appropriate buttons as shown below.


That’s it!  You may also want to follow-up after the Tweet Chat to see if the host posts a chat summary of the event.

Get Smarter with IBM Virtual Events in Oct

ibm rainbow

Here’s a round-up of some of the cool IBM learning events coming up in October (all times, when listed are in US ET). Check them out!

Event Date Area Link
(Tweetchat) Creating an Intelligent Customer Experience with Author Bernard Marr 10/7/13 at Noon Big Data Customer Experience  on.fb.me/1bzkoR4
(Podcast & LinkedInChat) Listen to/chat with Luba Cherbakov as she shares her story on becoming the 13th woman named as an IBM Fellow. 10/8/13 at 10am Women in Tech, Women in STEM (Podcast) bit.ly/IBMPodcast (LinkedIn Chat) linkd.in/1fP0DHc
(Webcast) Senior IBM systems and technology execs/experts will share why they believe infrastructure matters, as well as tips on Big Data, Cloud, and IT Storage. 10/8/2013 Smarter Computing, Big Data, Cloud ibm.co/1gkuogI
(Webcast) Cloud without Compromise:  Understanding and Capitalizing on Cloud Computing 10/9/2013 at Noon Cloud bit.ly/19a40AZ
(Tweetchat) Smarter Planet: The Social Employee – How Companies can leverage employees as social brand ambassadors (#P4SPChat) 10/10/13 at Noon Social, Smarter Workforce, Brand (Preview) http://ibm.co/1fHQagB (Tweetchat) twubs.com/P4SPchat
(Tweetchat) IBM Cloud:  The New CIO—how cloud is shifting tech leadership with 3 industry panelists 10/10/13 at 4pm Cloud (preview) ibm.co/1bD7jWY (Tweetchat) twubs.com/cloudchat
(Virtual Learning) Basics of Blogging 10/11/13, 10/25/13 at Noon How to blog, Social ibm.co/1bzi0Kb
(Virtual Learning) Twitter for Beginners 10/18/13 at Noon Social, Twitter basics, How to Twitter ibm.co/1bzi0Kb
(Tweetchat) #IBMSWChat Tweetchat: Topic TBD 10/18/13 at 1pm Smarter Workforce #IBMSWChat
(Videocast) IBM Smarter Analytics:  Smarter Government Finance & Budgeting 10/23/13 at Noon Smarter Government bit.ly/1e3KsRU
(Tweetchat) #GreaterIBM and Smarter Planet: Smarter Machines with author Steve Hamm & IBM Research Manager Dr. Dharmendra Modha (#P4SPChat) 10/31/13 at Noon Cognitive Computing wp.me/p2kcos-2uW



– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Have You Heard Of IBMblr?


tumblr_mu070m74uL1s141c3o1_500GO INSIDE THE INVENTIVE MIND

Follow along as we share the passion and anecdotes of IBMers who helped send people to the moon, hatched trillions of barcodes, launched the computer industry and then even taught one to play Jeopardy! They’re just some of the innovations we’ve been working on to build a smarter planet.

Animated GIFs, cartoons, tips, and other shareable assets on IBM’s Innovation Culture

IBM Innovation Culture + Tumblr = IBMblr


–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection


The October 2013 theme for The Greater IBM Connection is ”creativity and innovation”, and The Greater IBM Connection will be sharing various tips, tools, and resources on this topic.