IBM Europe Virtual Career Exploration for Graduates – Nov 15 and Nov 20


Greater IBMers, is your son or daughter getting ready to graduate?  Or do you know a forward-thinking graduate who might be interested in a career with IBM?

IBM Career Exploration is an exciting virtual careers fair aimed at forward-thinking university students to give them an opportunity to engage in an information exchange with IBM, and learn how they can make a difference for themselves, for IBM and for the world.

The events will be held on November 15 for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and November 20 for UK and Ireland.  Virtual doors will open at 10am for students to log in, and the event starting with the first webcast at 10.30am. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore career development and continuing education programs at IBM; understand how to build and apply their expertise and further their networks; and learn how to best position themselves in a highly competitive job market.

If you know a forward-thinking graduate who might benefit from this experience, please direct them to the links below to register in advance:

Why Work at IBM?



– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

Why Are There Still So Few Women in STEM?


Graphic credit: IBM in ‘Helping Women in STEM Thrive’

At the Solvay Conference on Physics in 1927, the only woman in attendance was Marie Curie.  Today, there are still few women who pursue a STEM degree or career (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).  In the US, only one-fifth of physics Ph.D.’s are awarded to women, and only 14 percent of all the physics professors are women.  Globally, only 30 percent of women, on average, participate in STEM fields, both private and public.  A Yale study published last year demonstrated that a young male scientist applying for a STEM job in education is viewed more favorably on average than a woman with the same qualifications and offered a salary nearly $4000 higher. (All facts sourced from 1 and 2 below in ‘Related’ list).

IBM is investing in women, whether new to the company, previous employees or current employees. It is providing support through mentoring and networks that can create a foundation for a career path towards technical leadership roles.  Watch the Technologista YouTube series (below) for an inside glimpse of what women at IBM are doing, and learn more about women at IBM here.



– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

Women in Technology: Make A Difference by Joining IBM

IBMersJoin other exceptional women who are making a difference.

At IBM women have been making contributions to the advancement of information technology for almost as long as the company has been in existence. Today, women represent approximately 30 percent of IBM employees worldwide and more than 22% of our global executive population is made up of women, two-thirds of whom are working mothers.

Did you know?

Are you looking for a new challenge, inside a progressive organization that values and rewards collaboration, innovation and creativity?  If you want to focus on today’s most exciting technologies — Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud — the opportunities are endless and you can make a difference at IBM.

Learn more: Careers for Women at IBM

And apply for jobs:  Job Opportunities for Women in Technology

Why Work at IBM?



Check out these hot jobs today, and be sure to stay tuned for more to come.

– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

IBM to Acquire Star Analytics, Inc

IBM has announced a definitive agreement to acquire the software portfolio of Star Analytics Inc., a privately held business analytics company headquartered in Redwood City, California. The combination of IBM and Star Analytics software will further advance IBM’s business analytics initiatives, allowing organizations to gain faster access and real-time insight into specialized data sources.

With growing challenges in gaining a more complete view into varying types of data, companies are increasingly looking for ways to automate and provide business users with self-service access to critical information. Star Analytics software addresses a rising challenge for organizations: helping to automatically integrate essential information, reporting applications and business intelligence tools across their enterprises, on premise or from cloud computing environments. The software removes typical custom coding for specialized sources that is hard to maintain, and eliminates cumbersome manual processes.

“IBM sees an enormous opportunity for our clients to apply Star Analytics to the information they have stored in their financial applications,” said Leslie J Rechan, General Manager, IBM Business Analytics.  “And to then easily access it within their IBM performance management and business intelligence solutions.”  Read the rest.

IBM Connect 2013: Your MUST-Attend Event to Kick Off the New Year

Social business represents a significant transformational opportunity for organizations. If you want to learn more about what it takes, make your plans now for IBM’s Connect 2013 (Jan. 27 – 31 in Orlando, FL); it’s your must-attend event to kick off 2013.

Several companies have made inroads into social business by adopting external social media tactics, but that’s not enough. To gain a competitive advantage, companies must focus on making transformational shifts in how work is accomplished. These insight-driven shifts address the way a workforce interacts to deliver an exceptional digital experience throughout the entire business ecosystem — clients, employees, partners, and suppliers.

IBM Connect 2013 is a familiar event to many, but this year it comes with a whole new twist. IBM’s Lotusphere has a new name that reflects the broader story of IBM’s market leadership in Social Business. Whether you focus on business or IT, IBM Connect is an event you should not miss.

What to expect at IBM Connect 2013:

  • Hundreds of business and technology sessions – from panels to round tables, deep dives and best practices, client success stories to lively symposium-style discussions
  • Within the Lotusphere technical program, a rich array of technology sessions (exactly what you would expect if you’ve previously attended Lotusphere)
  • A Solutions Showcase, featuring real-world solutions from groundbreaking, innovative IBM Business Partners and IBM experts
  • Exclusive access to industry and IBM business and technical leaders, plus our product experts, engineers, architects, and developers
  • Social networking and brainstorming opportunities with peers and partners who are experiencing the real returns that come from being a social business

Register for this event and identify yourself as an IBM alumnus – we’ll let you know about special alumni networking opportunities at and around this event.

How to Register

When you register for IBM Connect 2013, you’ll be asked how you heard about the conference. Select “Other”, and then in the open field, be sure to include the code IBMALUM13. That’s all there is to it.

The IBM Connect 2013 site

Job Hunters: Tips for Cracking into the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market contains real positions – they’re not usually intentionally kept secret by employers, but circumstances can delay an announcement or obscure visibility to all but a few insiders. As a job seeker, you need to know how to access – and profit from – this underground job market.

by Debra Feldman,

If you have been job-searching during the past few years, you probably are aware that there is a hidden or unadvertised job market.Hiring guy - stick figure with sign

It’s likely that you have heard from friends and colleagues who found jobs through a networking contact or word of mouth and not by answering a classified advertisement, uploading a resume or completing an online application. Many such jobs are filled before they are announced to the public.

Post-recession, there are fewer outside recruiters filling fewer corporate positions; in general, the job market is less fluid because there are fewer jobs being created and less employee turnover. The modern employer’s job market (as opposed to candidate’s job market, where the candidates rule the roost) means that individual job-seekers must be more informed, more knowledgeable and be willing to work harder to find and land a job.

The hidden job market contains real positions. These roles are usually not intentionally kept secret by employers; when companies face a challenge, they rarely can keep this a total secret. However, circumstances may delay an announcement or obscure visibility to all but a few insiders. Every active and potential job-seeker should be aware of and know how to access the hidden job market.

Ignoring this huge proportion of the market essentially means reducing your chances for career success. The trick to accessing these unadvertised jobs is being connected to those who have authority to create a position or who know first about potential openings. Advertised positions produce a large volume of resumes and applicants, often more than the employer can effectively manage. Candidate able learn early about a prospective open position gain a competitive advantage.

It should be the goal of every serious candidate to access potential opportunities before they are public and to connect directly with hiring officials through a customized presentation, not a standard resume or just a LinkedIn profile. Such presentations should promote relevant abilities that exceed the employer’s basic requirements and make a favorable, memorable impression that will be top of mind for the hiring authority in the short-term and retained in the future.

Penetrating the hidden job market is no simple task. Strong networking, strategic target marketing, compelling skills presentation, unrelenting persistence and steady follow-up are among the best tactics. The unadvertised job market falls into three main sectors:

  1.  A position that is created just for a particular candidate. Such an opening is in response to the solution or candidate being available to the employer at the right time for both to reach an employment agreement. The job opening did not exist until that individual and the employer connected and identified a new role justifying a hire.
  1. A position whose incumbent will be eliminated when a replacement is found. There is no vacant position; the new person smoothly slips in allowing the old one to leave. Sometimes employers are too busy, do not want to make the required investment or have another business reason for keeping the status quo. But, if or when the right solution/candidate appears, then the company reorganizes, makes a hire and transfers or relieves the existing employee.
  1. A position that is approved, budgeted and vacant, but it is only known to insiders. It is not an official opening, is not publicly advertised and comes with a desire is to find the right candidate through a trustworthy referral. The employer is counting on its network to streamline the process, identify a credible, well-qualified prospect and avoid screening a lot of resume submissions.

To summarize, people land an unadvertised position in the hidden job market when:

  • a position gets created just for them (being at the right place at the right time);
  • an employer restructures to hire them; or
  • a candidate is known by the hiring authority or has a connection to a close trusted, confidante of the hiring authority, and the candidate provides solutions to the employer’s challenges.

The secret to penetrating the hidden job market today and getting a choice new position is having the right inside contacts before a job is officially announced or advertised and being the hiring decision maker’s top choice. The right inside connections are like “career insurance” — direct, early access to job leads, visibility to recruiters and personal networking contacts for plum roles.

Have any lessons you’d like to share? Post them for your fellow community members in our Comments below.

About the author:
Debra Feldman is the JobWhiz, a nationally recognized executive talent agent and job search expert. Contact her at