15 Amazing Mobile Growth Trends (#IBMMWC)


Global mobile data traffic reached 1.5 exabytes per month at the end of 2013, up from 820 petabytes per month at the end of 2012 (Image Credit: IBM MWC)

Check out these amazing statistics and trends on mobile growth from IBM@Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

  1. Global mobile data traffic grew 81 percent in 2013
  2. 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store by 2017
  3. By 2018, the average smartphone will generate 500% more data than today
  4. Over 40% of Youtube views come from mobile
  5. By 2017, 90% of the enterprise apps will be both desktop and mobile (up from 20% in 2013)
  6. Mobile commerce is expected to double in the next 4 years
  7. Over half a billion mobile devices were added in 2013
  8. 75 Billion Devices Will Be Connected To The Internet Of Things By 2020 (Morgan Stanley)
  9. (Image Credit:  IBM MWC)

    (Image Credit: IBM MWC)

    Mobile traffic as a percentage of global Internet traffic is projected to hit 25% by December of 2014

  10. By 2018, 70% of the workforce will use a tablet or tablet hybrid (Gartner)
  11. By 2018, tablets will generate 2x the data of all mobile in 2013
  12. Mobile app downloads to pass 200 billion annually by 2017
  13. By 2018, global mobile traffic will increase 1100%, reaching 17,000,000,000 GB every month
  14. 25% of all emails are opened on an iPhone
  15. Active mobile subscriptions globally now equates to 93% of the world’s population

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–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Mobile Workers Expected to Grow to 5 Billion+ by 2016 – IT Leaders, Are You Ready? (Infographic)

Graphic Credit:  IDC graphic overlay in the YouTube video

Graphic Credit: IDC graphic overlay on YouTube

Mobile computing is dramatically changing the way people work and the way organizations do business.  IDC believes that by 2016, employee owned
smartphones, tablets and PCs in the workplace will
grow from 2 billion to more than 5.25 billion.  IT leaders who are ready will reap the benefits since they will be 2x as likely to see revenue growth of at least 10%.  Find out the best practices of more than 360 study participants in the IBM Global IT Study on Mobile Infrastructure, and learn the four key actions mobile technology leaders are taking to increase revenue, ROI and customer satisfaction.



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– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

Attention, Business Partners: IBM Makes $4 Billion in Financing Available to You – Even on Your Mobile Device

Company extends financing to help businesses drive growth with advanced technologies: Cloud, Business Analytics and PureSystems

Attention, IBM Business Partners: IBM has announced that is providing IBM Business Partners worldwide with $4 billion in financing for credit-qualified clients over a period of 12 months. This financing, through IBM Global Financing, can make obtaining credit easier and more accessible to enable IBM’s global partner ecosystem and their clients to acquire advanced technologies such as cloud, analytics and PureSystems.

Not only that, but you can get access to credit within minutes. IBM is also launching a new mobile app as another step to simplify the way IBM’s Business Partners can apply for and secure financing for their clients within minutes via any mobile device — anytime, anywhere. Read more about this potentially life-changing opportunity.

What would you do with your share of $4 billion, Greater IBMers?