London most preferred holiday destination for Indians: Study

IMG_4489Majority of people in India plan to take a vacation this month and many of them desire to visit London for holidays, a study has said.

An analysis of 2.50 lakh online conversations has found that international destinations received the most buzz (32 per cent) on all social media platforms and London emerged as the most talked about city for spending holidays.

According to the study by IBM, about 59 per cent of people in India are “looking forward” to taking vacation this month.

While destinations with beaches and palaces were on top of the list for vacations, Goa came out as the most desired place for a holiday followed by Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, on the domestic front.

The study found that as much as 33 per cent of social media conversations tracked revolved around travel and hospitality such as flying, driving and vacations with family and friends, among others.

“Measuring social sentiment has the potential to enable the travel industry to design travel offers and services tailored to what travellers are telling us,” IBM India & South Asia Global Business Services Partner Lata Iyer said.

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Live from Chatham House, UK – IBM CEO, Sam Palmisano talk at member’s event

Live from Chatham House.

Chatham House
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Welcome to theā€¦. well that would be telling. Safe to say we have an
on the record event from Chatham House in
London, UK. IBM" href="" rel="stockexchange">IBM
CEO, Palmisano" href="" rel="wikipedia">Sam Palmisano
will be talking at this members event with an audience that covers
business, government, press, influencers and of course, one or two

You can follow the events on twitter, where else. #smarterplanet
and @ibmevents.

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