5 Steps to Improve Your Self Worth

If you don’t think you’re awesome, who else will (besides your mother)? Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy. Sometimes we all need reminders to focus on achieving and showing our personal value to the world.

cat.lionDo you get stuck in the internal chatter of: “I can’t do it,” “I must not make a mistake,” “What if they don’t like me?”

Here are 5 steps to help you improve your internal conversation so that you build your self confidence so your personal brand can shine.

X-IBMer and Social Butterfly Lorian Lipton coaches you with Self Worth Starts With These 5 Steps, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

– Posted by Lorian Lipton

How IBM Is Planning to Rule Mobile – 5 Things You Need to Know


In 1995, no one had even heard of Amazon, Google or Facebook, but today, they dominate the business of technology.

It’s pretty astounding to realize how many companies that were once startups have today grown into massive global powerhouses. But that’s not where all the action has been: in addition, an untold number of organizations had to completely transform their enterprises to succeed in the digital world. And a lot of those were powered by IBM’s e-business initiative, led by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who explains that much of the IBM success came from recognizing that the Internet wasn’t just for startups, but that great value could be unlocked by transforming existing firms.

IBM today plans to do it again with its MobileFirst initiative. Read this article from Forbes.com to learn the five things you need to know.



IBM MobileFirst: From Strategy to Insights

– Posted by Regan Kelly

25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There

Alarm_panicsHow many times have you said, “I just don’t have time!”   And now, with the world at your fingertips, with the internet and global business buzzing by in nanoseconds, having time to get everything done seems more and more difficult to accomplish.

Sorry there will never be a 25th hour in your day  But getting your priorities in order, making wise time choices, and being real with your self, can go a long way.

Here are 4 time management exercises to help you get control of your schedule.  Who knows, maybe you can find the 25th hour. Read IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, as she makes you more productive with her 25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

– Posted by Lorian Lipton

18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence

Getting or keeping a job in today’s unstable business climate takes coming up with new ideas and new ways to present yourself  – it takes digital presence.

1.analyzing_computer_tv_head_sm_nwmIncreasing your digital presence on social media is a lot more than just updating your status on Facebook or IBM Connections.

Here are 18 sure fire ways to help you get online and noticed. Read along as IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, motivates you with her 18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?



– Posted by Lorian Lipton

Your LinkedIn Status Updates: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

The LinkedIn status update feature can be a powerful tool to keep you connected with the many far-flung members of your professional network.

Careful when you’re about to hit that Post button….

But beware: it’s easy to make a mistake when it comes to the kind of information you should be sharing through your communities. Read some definite do’s and DON’Ts from social media expert Maggie Herbert at LinkedIn.com.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

– Posted by Regan Kelly

Leaders: Here Are The Top 9 Things That Motivate Employees to Succeed

When you wake up in the morning, what fuels you to begin the day? Are you passionate about your work? The triggers that motivate people to achieve are unique for everyone; for some it’s money; for others, it’s wanting to make a difference, writes Glenn Llopis in Forbes.com.

Motivation has been studied for decades, and leaders often use motivational books and other tools to get employees to increase their performance or get them back on track. But if you’re a leader, it’s critical to get to know your employees, and to be specific about how you help each of them achieve their goals, desires and aspirations. To help one another and to accomplish that, you must identify those motivating factors. In this piece from Forbes.com, see the nine things that ultimately motivate employees to achieve.


Greater IBM, what do you think of these nine motivators? Please share your own story and perspectives by commenting.


-Posted by Regan Kelly

Employers: How to Help Your Great Employees Be Even More Amazing

They’ve got high standards and they’re low maintenance. They’re happy to take responsibility for developing their careers and themselves. They resolve issues before they’ve BECOME issues.

In other words, they’re your very best employees, the ones who make your life a lot easier without needing to be told how to do it.

Here are 10 things the great ones seem to do effortlessly, and what YOU can do to help them become even better. (by Kevin Daum in Inc.com.)


What would you add to this list? How do you recognize what your employees do for you? Let us know.

— Posted by Regan Kelly, Editor/Community Manager, The Greater IBM Connection