LinkedIn Group Engagement Strategy? Here’s Our All-Time Top Posts

(Graphic credit:  Brafton)

(Graphic credit: Brafton)

Thinking about how to better engage your group members on LinkedIn?  This may help.  It’s an overview of the all-time most popular posts for The Greater IBM Connection, one of the largest business networking groups on LinkedIn.  Initially we were going to pull a list just for 2012 but thought this list yields a bit more insight into what works well for engaging LinkedIn group members.  Here’s an overview of the all-time top ten LinkedIn discussions, by number of likes/comments/votes.  For the most part, questions about affiliation to IBM or career did the best.  It’s also worth mentioning the #11 most popular post since it fell off this list but does tie in well with our January theme of ‘leadership’.  It was “Who was the greatest IBM President and CEO of the last century?  Why?  Your Story?” posted in Aug 2011 with 103 comments/likes.

1 – Lessons Learned – …What’s one lesson YOU learned at IBM that you use in the rest of your life? (Mar 2011) 542
2 – What’s the most interesting thing you do in your non-work life?  What’s one fascinating thing about you that has nothing to do with IBM? (Feb 2012 and Oct 2012) 266 combined
3 – Whom would return to IBM? poll (Dec 2011) 232 votes, 39 comments/likes
4 – What was the project you were involved/participated in at IBM that you will always remember? (Mar 2011) 219
5 – What motivates you at work, beyond the paycheck? poll(Mar 2012) 194 votes, 42 comments/likes
6 – Just for a laugh….How to spot an old IBMer (Apr 2012) 156
7 – Looking to return to IBM?(May 2012) 154
8 – Why former IBMers who left maybe years ago for any reason are still active on The Greater IBM Connection? (June 2012) 132
9 – Greater IBMers:  What’s your most productive time of day?  poll (Nov 2012) 110 votes, 8 comments
10 – CHALLENGE:  Describe the purpose of IT governance in no more than a 160 characters SMS message… (Feb 2010) 108

–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

New LinkedIn Profile Design – Time To Overhaul Yours? 13 New Tips

new LI profile

In case you missed the news, LinkedIn launched a new profile design in October (here’s a sneak peek).  LinkedIn is arguably the number one social media site for business and professional networking with more than 187 million members in over 200 countries worldwide, as of September 30, 2012.  It’s a hugely popular site and recruiters spend a lot of time looking at user profiles.  Just in time for 2013, here are 13 new ways you can make your LinkedIn profile more irresistible in the new year, whatever your goals may be from Business Insider.  (And when you’re finished polishing your LinkedIn profile, join The Greater IBM Connection group on LinkedIn if you qualify:


For more information:

–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

How to Use LinkedIn Endorsements Feature to Highlight Your Skills

LinkedIn’s newest feature, Endorsements, lets you highlight the skills youre known for. Here’s how it works, plus four expert tips for making the most of it. Ready to get started? Read the story.
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