Into the Blue Galaxy


Operation Blue Galaxy
Shifts in the market, like mobile and cloud, and new delivery and pricing models, have increased the power of individual practitioners. They know the technology, and influence purchasing decisions like never before.  To reach them, IBM has launched ‘Blue Galaxy’, an exciting cross-IBM initiative to show the universe of software developers, architects, administrators, and other practitioners that IBM is their rocket ship to success.

What is Blue Galaxy?
It’s a project, it’s a community, it’s a movement within and beyond IBM.  The best part of IBM is the people — the technical experts and practitioners across IBM.  The Blue Galaxy mission is enabling and unleashing the knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm of the IBM technical community, across all brands and disciplines, and from across the globe, to reach out and engage the world’s practitioners.  Whether it be via events, content, or social media networks, the goal is simple – develop relationships, learn from our audience, and show our expertise.

It’s not about messaging
It’s about the power of connections, with a small c.  It’s people connecting with people via social media: IBMers, IBM Alumni, IBM Business Partners, clients, prospective clients, and the merely curious. Our goal is to help you to build those connections in social networks, growing your digital eminence, sharing knowledge, and becoming part of the larger conversation that is already occurring.

It’s about you
It’s about sharing your voice, your thoughts, your content, your work, and your ideas with other developers, inside and outside of IBM.  Developers trust the opinions of other developers.  By connecting with developers, you have the ability to shape their opinions and thoughts about IBM products and services.  You are in charge of your digital social presence, and the difference it makes for both your personal goals and the goals of IBM. Growing your digital eminence, sharing your knowledge, expanding your network both inside and outside of IBM…. the actions you take now will have long-lasting positive effects on your career.

iconNoCommunityPhoto155.pngSo, how do you get started with Blue Galaxy?
Here are some ways that all Greater IBMers can get involved:

  1. Create or contribute to a conversation:
    You can write a blog post, create a presentation or a video that showcases your thought leadership and technical expertise — the topics of focus are IBM’s technical leadership in Agile, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, and Security.  Even if you can’t create new material, you can comment on an article, tweet (microblog) about it to promote cool content you like and strengthen existing conversations that are highlighting IBM technical leadership in the market.
  2. Connect and interact
    Connect, share, and collaborate on the developerWorks community where you can contribute to forums, download free product trials and share what you like about them with your networks.  You may also want to check out related communities (Agile Transformation) and Service Management Connect.
  3. Meet and follow Blue Galaxy stars
    Some of our technical experts have been on their social journeys for a while. They are our social role models, folks engaging both internally and externally, with dedicated followings. Some are blogging on official IBM blogs and communities, others are contributing through their individual blogs or in other organizations’ communities.  You can find and follow them on Twitter here.
  4. Try Blue Galaxy featured downloads and give feedback
    Some of product trial downloads have been featured by Blue Galaxy because we are especially interested in feedback on these.  Check them out and leave your feedback in the comments section on that post.
  5. Become a Blue Galaxy star
    There are several ways to become a Blue Galaxy star.  First, if you undertake any of the missions noted above, tell us about them – share a comment below telling us what you did.  Since stars are innovative thought leaders who have distinguished themselves in one or more social channels, you could be selected to be featured as a Blue Galaxy star.  Here are some other opportunities:


Additional resources:


–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Blue Galaxy Featured Downloads

Blue Galaxy spotlights product downloads each month as we are especially interested in feedback on these.  Check out these featured downloads from Aug-Sept 2013 and let us know what you think!  Leave your feedback in the comments below, and share it with your networks too.

Infosphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition #bigdata #hadoop
IBM DB2 Technology Preview  #json #db2
Rational Team Concert  #rtc
Worklight Developer Edition 6.0  #ibmmobile
Jazz Hub  #jazzhub
Worklight on the IBM SmartCloud  #ibmmobile


–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

World’s First Smartphone = Apple or Android? Think again….

IPhone and IBM Simon

IPhone and IBM Simon

Twenty years ago, a small team of IBM engineers from the IBM PC company’s advanced technology group in Boca Raton was assembled to create a new mobile device that combined a computer with a cell phone. It was called a personal communicator – we know it today as a smart phone. The team was given a very short deadline – less than four months. A true skunkworks project, they were freed from IBM’s normal product development processes. Even so, they were hard-pressed to meet the deadline, working 80 hours weeks. Somehow they made it, and the prototype debuted at Comdex that fall. The operational prototype, innovatively called the IBM Personal Communicator, was large and heavy – a first iteration of a new technology that embodied many technical compromises. But it worked, and was the hit of the show. Industry representatives lined up three deep to see it, and it made the front page of the next morning’s USA Today Money Section. The enthusiastic reception convinced IBM to turn the device into a product, which was marketed by Bell South in 1993 as the IBM Simon – the world’s first smart phone.


The December 2012 theme for The Greater IBM Connection is ‘corporate history’, and Paul Lasewicz, IBM Corporate Archivist, will be sharing with us some of the highlights from IBM’s history.


Paul Lasewicz, IBM Corporate Archivist

Paul Lasewicz, IBM Corporate Archivist

For More Information:

Symphony office suite is free! That’s music to my ears

Free is always nice – especially so when it offers something a lot of us have been wanting (namely, an alternative to dependence on the nearly ubiquitous MS Office suite of programs). That’s just what IBM offered with a full-featured, Web 2.0 capable, suite of products dubbed "Symphony" –  IBM Lotus tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations on Windows and Linux desktops.

And, did I mention that there is no charge for these tools?

Three core applications make up the Lotus Symphony tools: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets and Lotus Symphony Presentations. Worried about compatibility? Lotus Symphony supports multiple file formats including Microsoft Office and Open Document Format, and also can output content in PDF format.

Why not take a look? You’ll find the applications and instructions for getting a (free) copy for yourself at

Take a look at what BusinessWeek Magazine had to say at

What’s your reaction to products like this? Will you be giving it a try? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it for other Greater IBMers?

– Post submitted by Larry Phipps, a Greater IBMer and editor, The Greater IBM ConnectionLarry_2007