5 Ways To Become An IBM Champion (Oct 15 Deadline)


GreaterIBMers, are you a technical expert or educator who actively blogs, speaks at conferences or events, or authors books or magazine articles?  Or do you know someone who does?  If so, we invite you to learn more about the IBM Champion program.

Nominations are open through October 15, 2013 –  we’d love to see Greater IBMers nominated for this program!

5 Ways To Become An IBM Champion

An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who makes exceptional contributions to the technical community and influences and mentors others to help them make best use of IBM software, solutions, and services. The IBM Champion program recognizes these innovative thought leaders and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voices and increasing their spheres of influence.  An IBM Champion is not an IBM employee. IBM Champions can live in any country.

Here are five ways YOU can become an IBM Champion:

1 – Evangelize and advocate for IBM
  • Speaks at conferences, user group meetings, IBM events
  • Uses social media channels to help spread the word about IBM solutions and increase positive sentiment towards IBM
  • Helps IBM share specific messages around launches and announcements
  • Work within their own company or their customers’ companies to encourage continued use of IBM technology
  • Help customers make the most of the IBM technology that is installed (use of expanded features, broader adoption, and more)
  • Explores ways to reach outside the current community sphere to reach new audiences.
  • Partners with IBM about how to become better evangelists
2 – Share knowledge and expertise
  • Participates in online forums, answering questions and sharing expertise
  • Shares expertise through instructional videos, podcasts, interviews, and other support/teaching sessions
  • Shares knowledge via white papers, Redbooks, wikis, and/or wiki articles
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on IBM certification exams
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on product usability and documentation
  • Participate in usability activities to improve IBM products
  • Helps IBM improve on products and solutions by actively participating in beta programs, usability studies and other types of research
  • Organizes or connects people in their network to find support for issues
3 – Help grow and nurture the community
  • Uses social media channels (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Connections, podcasting, and others) to drive awareness to community topics and events
  • Starts, leads and/or participates in local user group meetings and events
  • Participates in community webcasts and meetings
  • Helps mentor new community members and drive them to community sites
  • Guides community members so they know how to leverage information in the community (that is, help new people know where to go for help)
  • Participates in or leads activities to encourage sustained community activity and contributions
  • Implements new and innovative ways of growing the community
  • Communicates honestly, openly, professionally, and respectfully (for example, keeps private conversations private or complies with NDAs)
4 – Expand reach across the IBM portfolio
  • Finds ways to expand customer adoption of broad set of IBM capabilities
  • Integrates solutions across the IBM portfolio
  • Leverages IBM’s breadth of technologies to augment brand specific products
5 – Present feedback, both negative and positive, in a constructive and professional manner
  • Provides feedback in appropriate forums such as a design partner programs, or private discussions with target IBM contact who can affect or implement changes
  • Reaches out to appropriate contacts within IBM to share criticism or suggestions using clear concise, professional language
  • Any challenges, issues or problems you wish to resolve with IBM should be discussed with the appropriate IBM personnel in a private venue. Sharing frustrations in a public or social venue on issues that may reflect negatively on IBM, business partners and/or negatively impact revenue streams is not appropriate.

Nominations will be open until October 15th. The announcement of the new set of champions (including renewals) is currently planned for late November or early December.


– Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Into the Blue Galaxy


Operation Blue Galaxy
Shifts in the market, like mobile and cloud, and new delivery and pricing models, have increased the power of individual practitioners. They know the technology, and influence purchasing decisions like never before.  To reach them, IBM has launched ‘Blue Galaxy’, an exciting cross-IBM initiative to show the universe of software developers, architects, administrators, and other practitioners that IBM is their rocket ship to success.

What is Blue Galaxy?
It’s a project, it’s a community, it’s a movement within and beyond IBM.  The best part of IBM is the people — the technical experts and practitioners across IBM.  The Blue Galaxy mission is enabling and unleashing the knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm of the IBM technical community, across all brands and disciplines, and from across the globe, to reach out and engage the world’s practitioners.  Whether it be via events, content, or social media networks, the goal is simple – develop relationships, learn from our audience, and show our expertise.

It’s not about messaging
It’s about the power of connections, with a small c.  It’s people connecting with people via social media: IBMers, IBM Alumni, IBM Business Partners, clients, prospective clients, and the merely curious. Our goal is to help you to build those connections in social networks, growing your digital eminence, sharing knowledge, and becoming part of the larger conversation that is already occurring.

It’s about you
It’s about sharing your voice, your thoughts, your content, your work, and your ideas with other developers, inside and outside of IBM.  Developers trust the opinions of other developers.  By connecting with developers, you have the ability to shape their opinions and thoughts about IBM products and services.  You are in charge of your digital social presence, and the difference it makes for both your personal goals and the goals of IBM. Growing your digital eminence, sharing your knowledge, expanding your network both inside and outside of IBM…. the actions you take now will have long-lasting positive effects on your career.

iconNoCommunityPhoto155.pngSo, how do you get started with Blue Galaxy?
Here are some ways that all Greater IBMers can get involved:

  1. Create or contribute to a conversation:
    You can write a blog post, create a presentation or a video that showcases your thought leadership and technical expertise — the topics of focus are IBM’s technical leadership in Agile, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, and Security.  Even if you can’t create new material, you can comment on an article, tweet (microblog) about it to promote cool content you like and strengthen existing conversations that are highlighting IBM technical leadership in the market.
  2. Connect and interact
    Connect, share, and collaborate on the developerWorks community where you can contribute to forums, download free product trials and share what you like about them with your networks.  You may also want to check out related communities Jazz.net (Agile Transformation) and Service Management Connect.
  3. Meet and follow Blue Galaxy stars
    Some of our technical experts have been on their social journeys for a while. They are our social role models, folks engaging both internally and externally, with dedicated followings. Some are blogging on official IBM blogs and communities, others are contributing through their individual blogs or in other organizations’ communities.  You can find and follow them on Twitter here.
  4. Try Blue Galaxy featured downloads and give feedback
    Some of product trial downloads have been featured by Blue Galaxy because we are especially interested in feedback on these.  Check them out and leave your feedback in the comments section on that post.
  5. Become a Blue Galaxy star
    There are several ways to become a Blue Galaxy star.  First, if you undertake any of the missions noted above, tell us about them – share a comment below telling us what you did.  Since stars are innovative thought leaders who have distinguished themselves in one or more social channels, you could be selected to be featured as a Blue Galaxy star.  Here are some other opportunities:


Additional resources:


–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Around the World with The Greater IBM Connection

In this issue:

  • IBM Champion Program – Nominations Close Oct. 15
  • The Center for CIO Leadership: Meet Chief Technologist Dr. Manish Gupta
  • New LinkedIn Subgroup Launched: Greater China


IBM Champion Program – Nominations Close Oct. 15

If you’d like to be an IBM Champion or know someone you want to nominate, time is running out – you have until October 15 to nominate YOUR worthy candidate.

Here’s how it works: if you are an outstanding Lotus or WebSphere developer, or  an expert in System z or Power Systems, or if you blog, participate in online forums, etc., about these kinds of topics – in other words, if you’re an advocate of IBM’s capabilities – then you might make a great candidate to be an IBM Champion.

About the IBM Champion Program

Want to know more? Check out a Web lecture

Nomination form


The Center for CIO Leadership: Meet Chief Technologist Dr. Manish Gupta

More than 400 CIOs and other company executives recently attended IBM’s Smarter Cities event in the Capital Region of India. The CIOs worked with city planners on ways to apply technology to solve some of the worst problems in the world’s population centers.

Dr. Manish Gupta

Dr. Gupta, IBM India

To mark the event, IBM’s Center for CIO Leadership interviewed Dr. Manish Gupta, IBM’s Chief Technologist for India and Asia and Director of the research laboratory developing new technology for governments and companies around the globe.

Read the interview

Smarter Cities

Smarter Planet Blog

People for a Smarter Planet on Facebook

Smarter Planet on Twitter


New LinkedIn Subgroup Launched: Greater China

The Greater IBM Connection and IBM Greater China team are pleased to announce the launch of the Greater China LinkedIn subgroup of our community.

Internet users in China are unable to access many of the popular social networks in use today, including Facebook, Twitter, many blogs, YouTube, etc.  The new subgroup enables our community of fellow Greater IBMers to interact and network with the community in China. It also provides a place for users in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to communicate in Chinese.

To join this subgroup, you must must first join the global Greater IBM Connection group on LinkedIn. Please make sure to provide accurate information about your IBM employment on your profile in English, so that your membership can be approved for both communities.

Read more about the new subgroup


What’s New around The Greater IBM Connection

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  • Are you an IBM Champion?
  • Help us reach a milestone!
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Are you an IBM Champion?

Are you an outstanding Lotus or WebSphere developer? Or an expert in System z or Power Systems? Do you blog, participate in online forums, etc., about these kinds of topics?

In other words, are you an advocate of IBM’s capabilities? Or do you know someone who is?

If so, then we invite you to learn more about the IBM Champion Program. Details here: http://ibm.co/A1C4u9

Nominate a champion – yourself or another worthy candidate: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/champion/

Want to know more? Check out the Web lecture on the program: http://bit.ly/TzL7hM


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