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Welcome to the Greater IBM Connections e-newsletter! We know that Greater IBMers, whether you worked for IBM in the past (or currently work at IBM) feel a connection to IBM that continues even if you’ve changed jobs or retired. This newsletter will help you keep up with the latest cutting-edge IBM innovations and industry trends, as well as stay in touch with your colleagues and friends. Have a suggestion or story idea? Feel free to send us as a comment to this post (be sure to include your email address, so we can reach you).

In this issue:

  • Featured Highlights
  • Best of Blog Roundup: Top 5 for November
  • IBM Alumni Stories + Tell Us Your Story
  • Join the Conversation


Featured Highlights

5 in 5 - wideIBM’s 5 in 5 – In Five Years Everything Will Learn: On December 17, IBM unveiled the annual list of five innovations that have the potential to change the way people work.  The 5 in 5 is based on market and societal trends as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s R&D labs around the world that can make these transformations possible.  This year’s 5 in 5 centered on Education, Retail, Healthcare, Security, and Cities.  To learn more –

Image Credit:  IBM Connect 2014

Image Credit: IBM Connect 2014

IBM Connect 2014 – Energizing Life’s Work (Jan 26-30):  Companies are changing the way they work today. The combination of social, collaborative and mobile technology infused with behavioral science and analytics is incredibly powerful – especially when it is delivered in the cloud.  IBM Connect will provide insights on how to apply these principles to your business.  As an added bonus for Dilbert fans, Dilbert creator Scott Adams will be speaking at the event.  To learn more –

IBM Alumni – Are You on Twitter?: We have started a Twitter list for IBM Alumni here ( If you are an IBM Alumni and would like to be added to this list, please reply to this post with your Twitter ID–>


top5v2Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts for December

What have you been reading and talking about recently? Here’s your chance to catch up on the five most popular posts published in December on The Greater IBM Connection blog. Thanks for visiting and for your comments on the blog.

  1. IBM’s 5 in 5:  In Five Years Everything Will Learn
  2. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Looking Ahead to the Smarter Enterprise
  3. IBM NanoMedicine Adventures:  Ninjas vs Superbugs (Movie + Infographic)
  4. Santa Uses Predictive Analytics for Toy Matching (Christmas Infographic)
  5. Santa is On His Way – How is Big Data Analytics Helping? (Infographic)


IBM Alumni Stories + Tell Us Your Story

Teresa Golden, Vice President, Digital Transformation, for IBM Global Technology Services (GTS)

Teresa Golden, Vice President, Digital Transformation, for IBM Global Technology Services (GTS)

Our alumni story for December is about Teresa Golden, an innovative IBM Marketing Vice President who retired in December.  We also have a new place on our blog for IBM Alumni stories – check it out at the link below to catch up on all the great alumni stories that have been shared!

We will be featuring IBM Alumni stories in the coming months, so please share your story with us in the LinkedIn discussion thread below, and we’ll be following up with the ones that seem the most interesting to our community for a further interview:


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Looking Backwards and Forwards

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In this issue:

  • Backwards – World’s First Smartphone, Music from Mainframes
  • Forwards – IBM 5 in 5, The Era of Cognitive Computing
  • Forwards – IBM’s Green Initiatives


Looking Backwards – World’s First Smartphone, Music from Mainframes

Our December theme for The Greater IBM Connection is ‘corporate history’, and Paul Lasewicz, IBM Corporate Archivist, has shared with us some very interesting highlights from IBM’s history such as the fact that IBM invented the world’s first smartphone.  It was also fascinating to learn of the musical compositions done from mainframes, perhaps the forerunner of the digital music trend of today.  Here are the some of the highlights from looking backwards:


Looking Forwards – IBM 5 in 5, The Era of Cognitive Computing

Each December, IBM unveils the 5 in 5 — five predictions about technology innovations that will change the way we work, live and play within the next five years. The ideas come from the thousands of biologists, engineers, mathematicians and medical physicians in our Research labs around the world — IBM has the world’s largest industrial research organization.

In the next five years, computers will begin to mimic and augment the senses, helping us become more aware and more productive.  Today, we see the beginnings of sensing machines in things like self-parking cars–and the future is wide open.  From the company that built Watson, the Jeopardy!-winning computer, here are five upcoming technology advances that will change your world:

Touch: You will be able to touch through your phone
Sight: A pixel will be worth a thousands words
Hearing: Computers will hear what matters
Taste: Digital taste buds will help you to eat smarter
Smell: Computers will have a sense of smell

Read more about it here:


Looking Forwards – IBM’s Green Initiatives

Building a Smarter Planet is a fundamental part of who IBM is as a company, and green initiatives are a key part of the focus for the present and future.  Here are a few highlights from the past week:


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