Can Paper Survive the Digital Age?

Money, laws, tickets, newspapers, not to mention its many uses in art … despite the digital revolution, our world is still largely built on paper. In this post in The Guardian, author Ian Sansom reflects on our enduring addiction to the stuff.

Sansom: “Civilisation is built on paper. Paper money has made our economies. Paper maps divided our land. Paper laws propped up our governments, and paper books helped shape our minds.

Despite the obvious encroachments of the digital, we all still use so much paper to note, to register, to measure, to account for, to classify, authorise, endorse and generally to tot up, gee up and make good our lives that it would be a Joycean undertaking to provide a full history of all the paper in just one life on one day, never mind in one city on one day, or in the life of one nation.”  Read the rest of his post here.


Buy the book: Paper: An Elegy, by Ian Sansom