Improving Your Commute, 1 (Smarter) City at a Time

by  Naveen Lamba, Associate Partner, Smarter Government, Transportation, and Public Safety, IBM Global Business Services, in The Huffington Post

For many, summer offers a brief respite from the road congestion that burdens drivers and cities around the world. In a few short weeks, those less-crowded highways, trains, and buses will be a distant memory for most commuters.

traffic_morguefileWherever you live, cities are struggling to manage and prepare for short- and long-term traffic congestion. And road congestion and traffic jams aren’t only inconvenient; they can impede economic growth and impact the environment.

Just imagine how much more productive people could be if they could stop being stuck in their cars or other means of transportation for those several hours per day. The good news is that help is on the way. Get the story.


About the author

Naveen Lamba
Naveen Lamba is IBM’s global industry leader for intelligent transportation systems as well as Associate Partner, Smarter Government, Transportation, and Public Safety, IBM Global Business Services. For nearly two decades, he has been working on intelligent transportation projects around the world for governments and private sector organizations.
Smarter, More Competitive Cities – Download the whitepaper
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Birth of a Trend: What’s More Important than What’s Trending?

In this piece, Trevor Davis, a leading consumer products expert and consultant with IBM Global Business Services, talks about how our society is well-attuned to what’s trending at any moment, thanks to the rise of social media plus analytical tools.

But these trends are only fleeting, and because of their very nature, have limited value. How, then, do we extract the real value from all the noise, and figure out the long-term, meaningful trends with staying power? Read here.

An account team’s “Alumni Philosophy”

IBMer, Nils-Carsten Huber, Global Business Services, Senior Consultant Strategy & Change

Nils started his career at Hamburg Savings Bank as a Credit Analyst and was promoted in 1998 to Branch Manager.  Before coming to IBM in 2003 he was a Strategic Performance Improvement Consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  Nils is now a Senior Consultant at IBM and a member of the GBS key account team for Deutsche Post World Net/DHL/Exel.

The first of our three IBM genes is the IBMer’s dedication to every client’s success. Unfortunately, there are several ‘opportunities’ where you can directly observe how important it is to recognize a departing colleague being our customer in the next moment. Frequently, this former colleague is a decision-maker and his/her decision to take on a new position might be influenced by the perception of being valued, informed and treated with dignity during her/his exit at IBM. In my opinion, “just letting them go” is not appropriate.

In our account team for the worldwide logistics leader, DPWN, we have shared this insight for several years. In any case, we aim to know who is a former IBMer (or one of IBM’s affiliates, acquisitions, etc.) and also our client. We keep an overview in our CRM database.  We aim to establish a personal contact between a member of our account team and the alumnus to keep the relationship alive.

For example, once or twice a year we socialise with our alumni clients at a dinner, thus, establishing an “alumni community”. At the dinner, alumni can meet people who share their common history. Moreover, we regularly inform our alumni of developments at IBM and we share insights like the IBM CEO Global Study or the IBM Global Innovation Outlooks.

And it pays to live this philosophy: DPWN has been a GBS client for about 15 years. Over 50 percent of our VIP contacts are alumni. Alumni hold a remarkable portion of our signings; alumni frequently act as advocates in bringing ideas and IBM business to our client, and last but not least, alumni give honest feedback and help us to optimize ourselves in caring for our customer.

Thus, I want to congratulate IBM for the “GreaterIBM” communication programme. It is one more component in the relationship to our alumni and a great opportunity to rebind them to IBM and to show them that we care. I am looking forward to be a part of “GreaterIBM”.