IBM Executives Broadcast May 15: Creating a Smarter Workforce

Mark your calendar – don’t miss this just-added broadcast with IBM executives and influential thought leader Patrick Wright of the Darla Moore School of Business, Wednesday, May 15 at 11 a.m. EDT. (When will this take place in my time zone?)

Register now for Creating a Smarter Workforce and learn about the IBM Smarter Workforce strategy, and how a smarter workforce can help you. Details:

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IBM Team in Thailand Collaborates for a Smarter City of Chon Buri

Wood carving Chonburi thailand Stock Photo - 13069208A team of IBM executives has begun collaborating with officials of Chon Buri, Thailand to¬† develop strategies to turn the city into not only the region’s transport hub, but also an international tourist destination.

The team will spend three weeks analyzing needs, making recommendations, and building on existing plans to help Chon Buri realize its vision of becoming a smarter city. The project is part of IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants to assist progressive, forward-thinking municipalities. Read their story here.

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About the Smarter Cities Challenge

Got a Tough Crowd? Presenting to Senior Executives

Time is short – are you ready?

In this article, by Nancy Duarte in the Harvard Business Review, learn how to quickly win over one of the toughest, most pressed-for-time audiences you’ll EVER face as a presenter: senior executives and other decision-makers. Click here to read.


Nancy DuarteNancy Duarte is the author of the all-new edition of the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, as well as two award-winning books on the art of presenting, Slide:ology and Resonate. Follow Duarte on Twitter: @nancyduarte.