IBM Connect 2014 – Energizing Life’s Work


Companies are changing the way they work today. The combination of social, collaborative and mobile technology infused with behavioral science and analytics is incredibly powerful – especially when it is delivered in the cloud.  IBM Connect 2014 will provide insights on how to apply these principles to your business.

dilbertAs an added bonus for Dilbert fans, Dilbert creator Scott Adams will be speaking at the event.

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Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President of Engineering Smarter Workforce at IBM, shares his thoughts on why you should attend IBM Connect 2014

And if you aren’t able to be in Orlando, don’t let that stop you from joining in the conversation – learn more about how to get social



–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

June 13 Event: IBM Watson – Beyond Jeopardy!

Interested in Watson and the supercomputer’s future? Then Don’t miss this webinar Thursday, June 13, 2013, at 1 pm ET/12 noon CT/11 am MT/10 am PT/5 pm GMT.

In 2011, IBM introduced Watson, a computer system capable of quickly and precisely answering natural language questions with accurate confidence estimation. In February of that year, Watson won a victory against the world’s best Jeopardy! players in a formal contest that was aired on national television.
IBM WatsonThat public performance heralded a future where we can efficiently tap into the wealth of knowledge buried in text and other unstructured data sources. IBM is now exploring new applications of the Watson technology including clinical decision support in healthcare.

Thursday’s webinar will cover:

  • Architecture of the Watson Question Answering System
  • Using the Apache UIMA framework for building natural language processing systems
  • How IBM is addressing new challenges for Watson in the healthcare domain

Presenters are Adam Lally, Senior Technical Staff Member in the Watson Technologies department at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center; and Dr. Will Tracz, Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus and Chair of ACM SIGSOFT. Learn more and register.



Watson at Your Service: The IBM Watson Engagement Advisor

IBM’s Ginni Rometty Reveals Watson’s Future


– Posted by Regan Kelly

It’s Simple: Predictive Analytics = Higher Profitability

bigdata banner


George Makovic

Need a statistical sherpa to help you navigate the mountains of Big Data? Though predictive analytics can be a daunting discipline, companies who have adopted Predictive Analytics can see higher profitability than their competitors, says George Makovic, Senior Development Manager, IBM Business Analytics.

In his guest post at Business Analytics Blog, learn what you need to know about useful statistical analysis and data mining. Read more.

And coming up: don’t miss the IBM Business Analytics Virtual Launch event June 11 and see how IBM’s new analytics solution will make big data more accessible and serve as a catalyst to propagate the use of advanced analytics throughout the enterprise.

Details here.

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How has the rise of Big Data affected your business? Let us know in the Leave a Reply field – share your story!



– Posted by Regan Kelly. Part of our May 2013 theme of emerging trends.

How to Be a Socialite at IBM Connect 2013! (Or Follow Everything If You Can’t Make It to Orlando)

connect 2013

With IBM Connect 2013 just a week away, we want to be sure you’re properly prepared to make the most of the conference, the most important Social Business event of the year. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time.

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And if you aren’t able to be in Orlando, don’t let that stop you from participating! In this helpful post from IBM’s Social Business Insights blog, by Marjorie Madfis, Digital and Social Strategist, IBM Software, see how YOU can stay connected with everything that’s going on. Read it now. 


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7 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

Are you someone who hates even the THOUGHT of networking? It has to be done, and yet….Well, Greater IBMers, take heart: in this article, Jennifer Williamson shares seven surefire strategies to get you through the networking events in your future. (From


What tips would you like to share? Let your fellow Greater IBMers know, in the Comments.

Small Change Leads to BIG CHANGE – IBM Corporate Service Corps in Emerging Markets

IBMGhanaSlideshowAfter another disappointing week of streaming news about bailouts and leadership decisions flashed in front of us that are painful symptoms of so much that MUST change, I was moved by the corresponding good news headline:

IBM Selects 200 New Global Leaders for the Corporate Service Corps to Tackle Socioeconomic Problems in Key Emerging Markets

The story reads: “Two hundred of IBM’s future leaders from nearly 40 countries will participate for international assignments to emerging markets in 2009 as part of the company’s Corporate Service Corps program, part of the Global Citizen’s Portfolio initiative announced by CEO Sam Palmisano.”

What made this good news so meaningful was the slideshow story told by Charlie Ung, 8-year IBMer from Canada about his four week experience traveling to Accra in Ghana, West Africa. It says more than any words I could write:

What I’ve always loved about IBM remains the same.
They do stuff. They inspire us to do it too. They are on it. Not perfect perhaps, but like everything else, in its cracks, new LIGHT emerges always moving to something higher. Sam Palmisano made sure of it when he put his fingerprint on the future with IBM’s commitment November 6, 2008 in a speech describing THE SMARTER PLANET.

The Greater IBM Connection?…
It felt good today to be reminded by the GOOD NEWS above. Another plus was finding out about it on Twitter from GIBMer Jasmin Tragas, IBM Australia (Wonderwebby) It is still another example of the goodness that comes from our Greater IBM Connections across the world. Jasmin reminded us all today in one of her tweets, “Give, give, give. Without take. Learn how Jasmin is setting the example in her own words and in a creative visual exhibitat the Women’s Gallery at the Global Dialogue Center — changing lives for women in the Philippines. Then you are invited to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE. Like Charlie Ung told us in his story from Ghana…

…Maybe that’s the key:
small change that leads to big change.”

Tell us what small changes you are leading. Spread the good news!


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