Don’t Ignore These 5 Virtual Communication Rules

miscommunicationsMiscommunications is still one of the main problems in the workplace.  Heck, it might be one of the main problems in life.

With more of our communications virtual and online, finding the best ways to minimize misunderstanding is key to doing business successfully.

X-IBM Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, shares her new post on “Don’t Ignore These 5 Virtual Communication Rules” that can make a big difference in your virtual/on-line communications and help you get your message across the first time you send it.

Lorian Lipton is founder of The Digital Attitude, LLC, a specialized project management consulting and training company.  Check out her regular blog posts on social branding, project management, and just plain attitude, @ The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

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Don’t Get This Wrong: What Your LinkedIn Pic Says About You

People do business with people they trust, people they relate to – is your photo trying to hide something? In this piece from, by , see how you can use your choice of photo to better connect with others for success.

A good profile photo can help build that trust and even likability – so it’s critical to get it right.

According to the author, “I see hundreds of LinkedIn profiles every week and 50 percent fail when it comes to their photo. As a business owner or executive, it’s crucial that people trust you and connect with you. You are the brand. Opinions are formed in a nanosecond. And that means the photo at the very top may be the most important part of your LinkedIn profile.”  What does that tiny thumbnail say about you?


Author Rene Shimada Siegel is founder and president of High Tech Connect, a specialized consultant placement firm for marketing and communications experts. She is a frequently requested speaker on topics such as starting your own business and marketing your unique personal brand.
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5 Steps to Improve Your Self Worth

If you don’t think you’re awesome, who else will (besides your mother)? Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy. Sometimes we all need reminders to focus on achieving and showing our personal value to the world.

cat.lionDo you get stuck in the internal chatter of: “I can’t do it,” “I must not make a mistake,” “What if they don’t like me?”

Here are 5 steps to help you improve your internal conversation so that you build your self confidence so your personal brand can shine.

X-IBMer and Social Butterfly Lorian Lipton coaches you with Self Worth Starts With These 5 Steps, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

– Posted by Lorian Lipton

25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There

Alarm_panicsHow many times have you said, “I just don’t have time!”   And now, with the world at your fingertips, with the internet and global business buzzing by in nanoseconds, having time to get everything done seems more and more difficult to accomplish.

Sorry there will never be a 25th hour in your day  But getting your priorities in order, making wise time choices, and being real with your self, can go a long way.

Here are 4 time management exercises to help you get control of your schedule.  Who knows, maybe you can find the 25th hour. Read IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, as she makes you more productive with her 25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

– Posted by Lorian Lipton

18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence

Getting or keeping a job in today’s unstable business climate takes coming up with new ideas and new ways to present yourself  – it takes digital presence.

1.analyzing_computer_tv_head_sm_nwmIncreasing your digital presence on social media is a lot more than just updating your status on Facebook or IBM Connections.

Here are 18 sure fire ways to help you get online and noticed. Read along as IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, motivates you with her 18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?



– Posted by Lorian Lipton

Getting to Know the Millenials – Q&A with IBM’s Abe Thomas

What can the recent IBM Global Student Study tell us about the leaders of tomorrow?

Abraham Thomas

Abraham Thomas

In this Q&A publsihed in Business Day Live, Abraham Thomas, IBM South Africa’s general manager, speaks to Margaret Harris about this, and the issues, differences, and challenges uncovered. Read more.


Insights from the 2012 Study

Download the report

study cover


— Posted by Regan Kelly, Editor/Community Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Can Paper Survive the Digital Age?

Money, laws, tickets, newspapers, not to mention its many uses in art … despite the digital revolution, our world is still largely built on paper. In this post in The Guardian, author Ian Sansom reflects on our enduring addiction to the stuff.

Sansom: “Civilisation is built on paper. Paper money has made our economies. Paper maps divided our land. Paper laws propped up our governments, and paper books helped shape our minds.

Despite the obvious encroachments of the digital, we all still use so much paper to note, to register, to measure, to account for, to classify, authorise, endorse and generally to tot up, gee up and make good our lives that it would be a Joycean undertaking to provide a full history of all the paper in just one life on one day, never mind in one city on one day, or in the life of one nation.”  Read the rest of his post here.


Buy the book: Paper: An Elegy, by Ian Sansom