3 Keys To Compete In Today’s Economy, According to Sam Palmisano

HANOVER, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 28:  Samuel Palmis...

Sam Palmisano, pictured in Hanover, Germany last February

Speaking at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering in New York last month, former IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano shared what he sees as the three keys for anyone – cities, countries or companies – to compete in today’s integrated global economy. With interconnectivity growing, you’ve got to distinguish yourself to find growth, he said.

“The developing world has reached the end of the easy path to rising GDP…growth markets have plucked the low-hanging fruit of global integration Act I,” said Palmisano, and “….the developed world finds itself needing to address huge structural overhangs with urgency. Postponement is not a serious option.”

So how can you compete? For Palmisano, it comes down to three key points.

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STAYING OUT IN FRONT: How to Build COMMUNITY Wherever You Land

IStock_000006431538XSmall[1]smallest In today’s marketplace and workplace, regardless of where you may be playing, we’re all learning similar lessons. We need to be flexible, adaptable, willing, able, and agile to ensure a place out in front in an turbulent, ever-changing world. We’re also learning that an essential skill goes with those qualities: Becoming a master of building COMMUNITY wherever you land — being remarkable at moving in and out and through communities in ways that are authentic, making meaningful connections with people and organizations that may be totally different than you are.

Recently, I’ve read a number of articles on “building community” and they all seem to make things seem quite complicated — like it’s hard to do.

In contrast…once in a while, someone comes along — sometimes it is someone we don’t expect to learn from — who shows us, by their examplein just a minute or two, the basics of all we need to know.

This little guy in “penguin suit” did just that…


  • Move with speed and agility to stay out front.
  • When you land in a new place, act like you belong. 
  • Be friendly to everyone you meet.
  • Feel the love come back at you.

What would you add?


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