Improving Your Commute, 1 (Smarter) City at a Time

by  Naveen Lamba, Associate Partner, Smarter Government, Transportation, and Public Safety, IBM Global Business Services, in The Huffington Post

For many, summer offers a brief respite from the road congestion that burdens drivers and cities around the world. In a few short weeks, those less-crowded highways, trains, and buses will be a distant memory for most commuters.

traffic_morguefileWherever you live, cities are struggling to manage and prepare for short- and long-term traffic congestion. And road congestion and traffic jams aren’t only inconvenient; they can impede economic growth and impact the environment.

Just imagine how much more productive people could be if they could stop being stuck in their cars or other means of transportation for those several hours per day. The good news is that help is on the way. Get the story.


About the author

Naveen Lamba
Naveen Lamba is IBM’s global industry leader for intelligent transportation systems as well as Associate Partner, Smarter Government, Transportation, and Public Safety, IBM Global Business Services. For nearly two decades, he has been working on intelligent transportation projects around the world for governments and private sector organizations.
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Stuck in a Long Commute? No Problem – 5 Ways to Time Manage It

Today, many IBMers work at home. But lots of companies don’t take this approach, and that means commute time, to from work, probably every day.

How long is your commute? Have you considered how much time that amounts to over the course of a week?  A month?  A year? You might not believe how quickly the time adds up – 360 hours a year, sadly, is typical.

The question is, how can you take advantage of that time better to make your commute more productive (and less stressful)? Get 5 surefire strategies here (

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Your turn: what do you do to manage YOUR commute? Let us know in the Comments.

Don’t Just Pass the Time on Your Commute – USE It Instead

by Liz Strauss at

Some days, there just isn’t time enough to finish all of your work. On top of your regular tasks, things crop up that have to be handled right away – pushing you back even further.

Author Liz Strauss

Author Liz Strauss

Add to that your long-term deadlines, and that can mean late nights at the office, and/or spending your evenings and weekends working. All of which can make you miss out on the things you would rather be doing  – with family and friends.

But there’s one source of time you could tap – daily! How to be more productive in the time it takes to commute to and from work.