IBM-Sponsored “City Forward” Site Wins a Webby Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

City Forward, a free IBM-sponsored website that city leaders and the general public can use to compare and consolidate multiple data sources for cities around the world, has won the 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility “Webby Award” from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).

Gina Cardosi, IBM

Project manager Gina Cardosi

At Citizen IBM, Certified Project Manager Gina Cardosi (who worked on City Forward) writes about the genesis of the project, its use of open big data, and why City Forward is critical to this era of mobile computing, cloud computing, data analytics and the global socialization of information. Read more. 


The Webby Awards: Honoring the Best of the Web


IBM’s Culture of Service: Finding Time to Participate

Kathy Pham on a project with Orlando fourth grader Tamara

The author with her protégé Tamara, a fourth-grader in Orlando.

In this essay at Citizen IBM, IBMer Kathy Pham shares what she’s learned about finding the time to forge connection and community while spending most of her weekdays traveling as an IBM “road warrior”.

See how Kathy – a Business Analytics and Optimization Senior Consultant with IBM Global Business Services – navigates the mobile lifestyle while still finding the time to be engaged in personally fulfilling projects. She’s happy to be part of a company that provides “so many unique opportunities for service,” said Kathy. Find out how she does it.



IBM: A Culture of Service

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Geraldton, Australia Becoming a Smarter City, with IBM Help

Working with an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team, the city of Geraldton, Australia is working to build its eminence in technology and clean energy, to attract partners and investors on its path to becoming a global Smarter City.


Geraldton CEO Tony Brun writes at Citizen IBM about how IBM and Geraldton’s collaboration on how best to use its abundant natural resources. As a member of the global community of Smarter Cities, Geraldton is today well positioned to improve the quality of life for its citizens while advancing its agenda for economic development. Get the story. 


Ginni Rometty Discusses How to Build a Smarter City:

The Smarter City (interactive)

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Memphis: IBM Project Management Grant Helps City Advance a Culture of Excellence

How can an IBM Project Management grant help city staff members learn more effective ways to collaborate, manage tasks and manage budgets?

Hernando de Soto bridge, Memphis, Tennessee

Hernando de Soto bridge, Memphis, Tennessee

Today on Citizen IBM, Memphis, USA Chief Learning Officer Douglas Scarboro talks about how, as municipalities have been affected by challenging economic circumstances, they have “learned to become more collaborative in delivering services and solving problems for [their] citizens.

Douglas Scarboro

Douglas Scarboro

“IBM’s involvement has been essential to helping [Memphis] advance a culture of excellence by laying out a better process for conducting the very important work of governing our city,” said Scarboro. Read the rest.

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To Close the Widening Skills Gap, Focus on STEM Must Intensify

“According to IDC, almost 1.7 million cloud-related jobs went unfilled in 2012 due to lack of training….Depending on how we react, this is either a tech industry crisis, or a tremendous economic opportunity.”

In this article from Citizen IBM, Fordham University computer and information science professor Frank Hsu assesses the changing frontier of information technology, arguing for STEM-focused curricula and hands-on learning to enable students to “build the intelligent and advanced infrastructure made possible by open cloud across mature and emerging economies, and truly build a smarter planet.”

Frank Hsu, Fordham University

Frank Hsu, Fordham University

The bottom line? If we are to close the widening skills gap caused by new technologies, then our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education must intensify.  Read more.

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Recognizing Excellence: IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge

CECP, an organization that leverages the work of global corporate leaders to address societal changes, has conferred its Chairman’s Award for excellence in corporate philanthropy on IBM in recognition of the Smarter Cities Challenge (SCC). The SCC is a three-year, $50 million competitive grant program through which teams of IBM top talent contribute their skills to work with civic and community leaders to make cities smarter and move livable.

President, Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty accepted the award on behalf of IBM, which is the only company ever to receive the award twice.

Read (and share!)  the Citizen IBM blog “Recognizing Excellence: IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge” by CECP CEO Daryl Brewster, who details CECP’s four standards of excellence and why IBM was selected.

Daryl Brewster
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‘Our work is one of service’ leadership in action for Hurricane Sandy victims

Theresa Mohan, IBM Senior Regional Counsel (Photo credit:

Theresa Mohan, IBM Senior Regional Counsel (Photo credit:

Our leadership lesson #3 from Watson was “Our work is one of service.”, and IBMer Theresa Mohan, Senior Regional Counsel is doing just that.  After helping her mother clean out her house after Hurricane Sandy hit, Theresa realized that the residents needed help filing for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) due to lack of clarity to the process.  So Theresa recruited some fellow attorneys, set up a tent with computers and an Internet connection, and spent the next four weekends with her colleagues helping people get through the process.  She continues to work with a network of legal service providers and volunteers in coordinating and tracking assistance for Sandy victims, with the help of software donated by IBM.

Read the full story and more about IBM’s other pro bono legal assistance work below:

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The January 2013 theme for The Greater IBM Connection is ”leadership”, and The Greater IBM Connection will be sharing various tips, tools, and resources on this topic.