Leaders: Think You’re a Good Listener? You Can Do Better

How to become a listening STAR

One bright star in a field of stars“Excellent leaders recognize the more information they have, the better the solutions they can come up with. One important way leaders get their information is by actively listening.

“Listening is an active skill, so you need to do several things if you want to excel. Listening skills are not things you can’t do. For example, I often tell workshop attendees I can’t dunk a basketball. Never could and it’s not likely at 48 years old, standing just 5’9 tall, that I ever will. Jumping high enough to dunk a basketball is a skill I don’t have and can’t acquire no matter how hard I work. If someone told me my career depended on dunking a basketball, I’d start looking for a new career.

But that’s not the case with listening skills! Each of the five pointers I’ll share is within your power to do if you’ll just make the choice to employ them.”

Remember to Stop, Tone, Ask, Restate and Scribble: five pointers to help you become listening STARS.


Do you consider yourself a good listener? What would you add to this list?



This post comes from Thoughtleaders LLC contributor, trainer, and speaker Brian Ahearn, who is an expert on the subject of ethical influence. His blog, Influence PEOPLE, has followers in 180+ countries.

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