The Secret to Motivating Your Team

Whenever your employees do something terrific – whether finishing a project ahead of time, figuring out how to streamline a process, calming a tense situation, etc. — you, as a manager, want to reward them.

The good news: as it happens, the secret to employee happiness may be rooted in one simple thing. Read about one of the most effective way to motivate your employees.
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Quit Thinking So Positively (+ 4 Other “Good” Habits It’s Time to Ditch)

Productivity is an ever-evolving study of what works and what doesn’t. And the way we work can change quickly: what was once accepted as a best practice can now do you more harm than good, writes Sean Blanda in this top story from

Here are a few creative insights that weren’t taught in school which, sometimes, means that it’s time to unlearn habits previously perceived as being “good.”

Read these thought-provoking tips that go against the grain of the more typical productivity advice.

Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Practice

You already know that your every password needs to be secure, and that you must back up your computer regularly. Good tech habits are for everyone: they can save you money, keep your personal information personal, and potentially help you prevent frustration, not to mention disaster.

Make sure you have these 10 tech habits, from


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Lost in Translation: Best Practices for Working with Global Teams

By Radhika Emens, WITI.com258

As today’s leaders strive to make the best use of technology and communication platforms to conduct business globally, working in global teams is increasingly prevalent. It’s easy to see the upside – as a U.S. team sleeps at night, for example, a global team can be working diligently elsewhere throughout their own normal business hours, maximizing ’round-the-clock productivity. But managing and working with global teams presents many challenges. You must have a strategy that builds:

  • Awareness of cultural and other diversity
  • Understanding and collaboration through team building
  • Communication and listening skills to prevent confusion and conflict

Read the rest here – including the best practices you need to succeed!