June 13 Event: IBM Watson – Beyond Jeopardy!

Interested in Watson and the supercomputer’s future? Then Don’t miss this webinar Thursday, June 13, 2013, at 1 pm ET/12 noon CT/11 am MT/10 am PT/5 pm GMT.

In 2011, IBM introduced Watson, a computer system capable of quickly and precisely answering natural language questions with accurate confidence estimation. In February of that year, Watson won a victory against the world’s best Jeopardy! players in a formal contest that was aired on national television.
IBM WatsonThat public performance heralded a future where we can efficiently tap into the wealth of knowledge buried in text and other unstructured data sources. IBM is now exploring new applications of the Watson technology including clinical decision support in healthcare.

Thursday’s webinar will cover:

  • Architecture of the Watson Question Answering System
  • Using the Apache UIMA framework for building natural language processing systems
  • How IBM is addressing new challenges for Watson in the healthcare domain

Presenters are Adam Lally, Senior Technical Staff Member in the Watson Technologies department at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center; and Dr. Will Tracz, Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus and Chair of ACM SIGSOFT. Learn more and register.



Watson at Your Service: The IBM Watson Engagement Advisor

IBM’s Ginni Rometty Reveals Watson’s Future


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IBM Video Wins: Smarter Commerce = Better Business

IBM recently won a video-making contest by teaming with MOFILM, an organization that helps enable film-makers to create videos for big brands and social causes. Participants were charged with creating films that showcased the customer in context. Entries were voted on, via Twitter, by the audience at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit Nashville.

And the winner is…cookies! Check out the winning IBM video on how Smarter Commerce is working in the world. Here’s a hint: it’s all about the right approach:



sc logoSmarter Commerce

Smarter Commerce Solutions

Conversations: Your Customer in Context

Smarter Commerce Global Summit



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It’s Simple: Predictive Analytics = Higher Profitability

bigdata banner


George Makovic

Need a statistical sherpa to help you navigate the mountains of Big Data? Though predictive analytics can be a daunting discipline, companies who have adopted Predictive Analytics can see higher profitability than their competitors, says George Makovic, Senior Development Manager, IBM Business Analytics.

In his guest post at Business Analytics Blog, learn what you need to know about useful statistical analysis and data mining. Read more.

And coming up: don’t miss the IBM Business Analytics Virtual Launch event June 11 and see how IBM’s new analytics solution will make big data more accessible and serve as a catalyst to propagate the use of advanced analytics throughout the enterprise.

Details here.

Register for the event.:


How has the rise of Big Data affected your business? Let us know in the Leave a Reply field – share your story!



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IBM Executives Broadcast May 15: Creating a Smarter Workforce

Mark your calendar – don’t miss this just-added broadcast with IBM executives and influential thought leader Patrick Wright of the Darla Moore School of Business, Wednesday, May 15 at 11 a.m. EDT. (When will this take place in my time zone?)

Register now for Creating a Smarter Workforce and learn about the IBM Smarter Workforce strategy, and how a smarter workforce can help you. Details:

Event infographic

Register and attend!


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Twitter Chat April 25 4:30 EDT: Education and the THINK Exhibit

How do you inspire your students to be innovators in their daily lives? Join today’s discussion to chat about an effort underway to build an integrated educational experience that includes exhibitions, apps, and lesson plans. The IBM THINK exhibit, which recently opened at Epcot in Walt Disney World, extends globally into free, hands-on lesson plans for middle and high school teachers.

Photo credit: Terry Cuffel, Corporate Visual Services

Photo credit: Terry Cuffel, Corporate Visual Services

Using the IBM THINK app, students explore how progress is shaped through a five-step process and participate in hands-on lessons to help them become innovators in their own right and to take actions that can help them become forward-thinking citizens of the world. Get all the details, including Guest Experts and Topic List, for today’s event.


The THINK App (Flickr set of photos)


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New Webcast: Succeeding Faster with New Online Support

The new Service Request tool is here, and that means getting support from IBM has never been easier. To learn about using the SR tool create and track PMR in the Chinese language, be sure not to miss a new educational Webcast, April 19th: 4 a.m. EDT (New York).

The tool’s new online features can help users not only to locate the answers to known problems, but also to open a ticket faster and more easily. In fact, the tool enables users to summarize the problem, with details, and submit it – all through one single process. This means that IBM can perform a review of problem before contacting the user, and to involve other technical resources to help resolve more complex problems if necessary.

tivoliAttend this upcoming education to get the details you need on using these great new features of IBM Online Support. Let us help you succeed faster!

How Can Technology Help Conserve Water? Join Friday’s Chat

Water is one of our most essential resources. Of all the water on Earth, only 1 percent can be used by ecosystems and people. As the world’s population increases to an estimated 8 billion in 2025, the demand for water will rise too.

It’s time we get smarter about water.

Join in the Smarter Friday chat on World Water Day, March 22, as IBM Smarter Water Architect Eoin Lane discusses how technology can help us with water: http://on.fb.me/11iZe4q

water slipping away