The Netherlands Looks to Big Data to Tackle Flooding

– from The Wall Street Journal

With two-thirds of the Netherlands population living in flood-prone areas, in a country with 16,496 kilometers (10,250 miles) of dikes, it’s little wonder that the Dutch have a close relationship with water.

fountainIBM will soon begin a collaborative big data research project in the country to bring together disparate data sources related to water, to help the authorities plan smarter reactions to deluges, monitor water quality, and improve internal navigation — in other words, nearly anything to do with the country’s water. The program is a collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry for Water), local Water Authority Delfland, Deltares Science Institute and the University of Delft. Read the story.


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Smarter Water Management

Smarter Water for Smarter Growth (Institute for Business Value)


– Posted by Regan Kelly

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