Newsweek Votes IBM Greenest Company in the US

Technology giant IBM has been recognized for the second year in a row as the greenest company in the US in the Newsweek 2012 Green Rankings survey.

Big Blue is the greenest.

A panel of independent judges ranked major companies based on several criteria, including their environmental impact, environmental management and sustainability disclosure.

IBM’s Smarter Planet products help clients measure and reduce their resource consumption – and save money. At its Zurich lab, water that cools a supercomputer is used to warm nearby buildings,” the survey said.

Wayne Balta, IBM’s vice-president of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety, said environmental sustainability benefits IBM’s clients, the company itself and the planet, and IBM is constantly striving for continual improvement.

“We are grateful for this recognition as it reflects the long-term commitment of IBM and its people to environmental leadership throughout the company’s global business operations,” said Balta.

After IBM, the greenest companies in the US are mostly technology companies, according to the survey. In order, the companies are: Hewlett-Packard, Sprint Nextel, Dell, CA Technologies, NVIDIA, Intel, Accenture, Office Depot, Staples, EMC, Microsoft, Cognizant, Hartford Financial Services Group, and McGraw-Hill.


Congratulations to IBM on this 2nd consecutive honor. Leave your comments below!

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