Returning to IBM – Advisory Software Engineer Heather Hwang

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Heather Hwang left IBM in California in 1995. That was a time, she recalls, when young developers were moving around in general, and that there was a lot of peer pressure to get out and try new things. Heather joined Oracle as a developer that same year, and from there built a career in companies ranging in size from very large and established to startup.

Eventually, Heather came across IBM again. She was approached by an IBM recruiter and asked to interview for a suitable role in her field. Heather says now that she jumped at the chance and maintains IBM was always a place she had wanted to return to.

IBM logo in white on blue backgroundThe workplace atmosphere and the culture of respect and fairness was something she hadn’t experienced to the same degree anywhere else. It was also a place where, she felt, you didn’t have to leave the company to experience new things.

“IBM is an ocean,” she says. “It’s a place where opportunities run deep, and the possibility to try new things – even change your career – is always there.”

Heather still feels that if you know what you want, and where you want to take your career, then IBM is the place to make it happen. It’s a place she says where you get treated like an adult, with the support you need to achieve just about anything.

Heather is now working for IBM GCG out of Beijing. “The growth markets are where the action is, and IBM is right at the heart of it.”

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