“X Chromosomes” Gather for a Fun Evening of Networking in NY

~~~ Sharing an article that was just posted on the IBM intranet (Profiled for NY Area “Work” Tab):

Over 100 current and former IBMers of the X Chromosomes type
gathered recently at a networking event in Somers, NY for an evening of
drinks, dinner and the opportunity to share personal thoughts and
experiences about the value of being an IBMer.

Sharon Nunes, IBM Vice President, Big Green Innovations and Jane
Scandurra, a former employee who is back at IBM as a contractor, teamed
up recently to host a special networking event for ladies of IBM.
Sharon and Jane used to work together in the Life Sciences EBO
organization. They are also both members of the Greater IBM Connection,
the official social and business network for current and former IBM
employees – and the team that Jane is working with now.

The event was a special version of Sharon’s X Chromosomes, a network
gathering that she’s held for a number of years for IBM’s female
employees, the clever name inspired by the Life Sciences department
where she and Jane once worked.

A unique collaboration of current and former IBMers

“Sharon’s events were a great way to get to know some dynamic ladies
of IBM in a friendly after work setting. I missed being able to attend
these gatherings after I left IBM in 2006,” says Jane. “So when I came
back in June to work on the Greater IBM Connection, I approached Sharon
about co-hosting an X Chromosomes event to also include ladies who left

“These events are important and help keep IBM a close-knit
community,” said Sharon. “Not only do we get the chance to reminisce
with friends, but also with current and former colleagues. And, we have
the chance to expand our professional networks.”

Inna Kuznetsova, VP, Marketing and Sales Enablement, IBM Systems
Software, Systems and Technology Group
who also attended, agreed adding, “Networking events like
this create a great venue for keeping in touch with former colleagues
and fostering new contacts – a perfect foundation for building new
business, expanding your view of the industry and creating mentoring
opportunities for women across IBM.”

Shara Sokol, a former IBMer and now President of her own company, S2
Creative Communications
was glad she attended. “I truly enjoyed the
event. It was great to actually meet former and current IBMers in such
a convivial atmosphere. There was such an exchange of stories, advice
and information. There were women who were really proud of their
accomplishments at IBM, who were reaching new professional heights in
post-IBM positions, as well as current IBM women excited to talk about
new projects.”

Blue blood runs deep

After dinner, a raffle was held, and Pauline Garry, (retiree 1993)
one of the winners, took the opportunity to share her IBM experiences.
She grabbed the microphone and told her story about the influence IBM
had in her hometown of Susquehanna, PA. “I grew up without a telephone,
without electricity, and without indoor plumbing. Where would I be
without IBM? When I was growing up in Susquehanna, PA, we knew two
things: God and IBM.” The Garrys are a true IBM family. Pauline met her
husband while working at IBM, and their daughter, Julianne, currently
works in Systems & Technology Group Marketing. Click on the video for Pauline’s comments.

Diane Topkis, who left IBM earlier this year and has since become
certified as a Life and Career Transition Coach is also a member of the
Greater IBM Connection.” I think the IBM Alumni program is brilliant.
Everyone I know who has left IBM has a soft spot for it. Blue blood
runs deep – It never leaves you…”

Sharon and Jane plan to host another networking event in the spring
of 2010. “Maybe we’ll even invite the Y chromosomes to join us next
time,” Jane said. Jane has also just created a group called “Greater IBMers
of Greater NYC”
on the Greater IBM community site, where there will be opportunities where IBMers, past and present, can engage
in more locally oriented business and social activities.

(Added Note: Stay tuned on developments for the “Greater IBMers of Greater NYC” group…just created, so please join the group and contact me if you’d like to help participate!)

Jane bw Jane Scandurra

IBMer 1995 – 2006

Co-Producer/Co-Director, “Single”

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