Contributing to the Success of Others – Online Women’s Gallery

There is a new call for leadership and service all around the world. Eleanor Roosevelt reminded us…

“Our own success, to be real, must contribute to the success of others.”

Jasmin Recently, Jasmin Tragas, author of Wonderwebby and Managing Consultant with IBM Human Capital Management in Australia, brought this wisdom to life in an innovative and deeply meaningful way. I wanted to share this unique Greater IBM story…

When you put your heart and talent into a project, wonderful things can happen. Jasmin proved this. In an invitation to women, she promised, “By writing a single sentence”for her special Wonderwebby project, we could contribute to empowering other women, make a difference, and speak out against poverty. “You can change the lives of a group of women in the Philippines,” she explained. …and twenty-six women showed up to share their insights.

“The reason I am asking you, Jasmin wrote, “is because I believe you are a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Along the way, you made an investment. It may have been words you spoke, a course you undertook, a gift you gave, a smile, a risk or an adventure. Perhaps another woman made an investment in you.”


Jasmin turned the insights from the twenty-six women into a beautiful slideshow with stories and wisdom to share with the world. It was one of the most inventive, mutualistic fund raising ideas I’ve seen. It is a win, win, win. Our Greater IBM connection across the world, offered an opportunity for Jasmin and I to team up, share our resources and showcase Jasmin’s project in a special way.

The online WOMEN’s GALLERYat the Global Dialogue Center, which I founded in 2003, is honored to share this special self-learning exhibit, WOMEN’s INVESTMENT: A tribute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit. The exhibit features the slideshow Jasmin created with beautiful photographs by Amy Palko ( that tell mini-stories from twenty-six women around the world taken from their personal experience of WOMEN’s INVESTMENT. Jasmin also tells the story of the project in a personal audio message.


  1. Visit the exhibit and take insights of twenty-six women.
    Click through the visual exhibit.
  2. Tell your story or share your insight;
    Leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
  3. Make a donation…a small contribution empower another woman

Greater IBM Side-Story:
Jasmin and I have never physically met. I live in San Francisco and she is in Australia as I mentioned. We met one another through Greater IBM and have supported one another’s events, projects, and contributions. This special story serves as an example of what we can do by putting our differences, experiences, and resources together to create a better world.

Have you joined Greater IBM? Do it NOW…


DK Debbe Kennedy
Contributing Author
Greater IBM Connection
Founder, President & CEO
Global Dialogue Center and
Leadership Solutions Cos.

, Putting Our Differences to Work

IBMer 1970 – 1991 L.A.; Anchorage; Seattle; San Francisco

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