IBM Europe Virtual Career Exploration for Graduates – Nov 15 and Nov 20


Greater IBMers, is your son or daughter getting ready to graduate?  Or do you know a forward-thinking graduate who might be interested in a career with IBM?

IBM Career Exploration is an exciting virtual careers fair aimed at forward-thinking university students to give them an opportunity to engage in an information exchange with IBM, and learn how they can make a difference for themselves, for IBM and for the world.

The events will be held on November 15 for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and November 20 for UK and Ireland.  Virtual doors will open at 10am for students to log in, and the event starting with the first webcast at 10.30am. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore career development and continuing education programs at IBM; understand how to build and apply their expertise and further their networks; and learn how to best position themselves in a highly competitive job market.

If you know a forward-thinking graduate who might benefit from this experience, please direct them to the links below to register in advance:

Why Work at IBM?



- Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager The Greater IBM Connection

Get Smarter with IBM Virtual Events in Oct

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Here’s a round-up of some of the cool IBM learning events coming up in October (all times, when listed are in US ET). Check them out!

Event Date Area Link
(Tweetchat) Creating an Intelligent Customer Experience with Author Bernard Marr 10/7/13 at Noon Big Data Customer Experience
(Podcast & LinkedInChat) Listen to/chat with Luba Cherbakov as she shares her story on becoming the 13th woman named as an IBM Fellow. 10/8/13 at 10am Women in Tech, Women in STEM (Podcast) (LinkedIn Chat)
(Webcast) Senior IBM systems and technology execs/experts will share why they believe infrastructure matters, as well as tips on Big Data, Cloud, and IT Storage. 10/8/2013 Smarter Computing, Big Data, Cloud
(Webcast) Cloud without Compromise:  Understanding and Capitalizing on Cloud Computing 10/9/2013 at Noon Cloud
(Tweetchat) Smarter Planet: The Social Employee – How Companies can leverage employees as social brand ambassadors (#P4SPChat) 10/10/13 at Noon Social, Smarter Workforce, Brand (Preview) (Tweetchat)
(Tweetchat) IBM Cloud:  The New CIO—how cloud is shifting tech leadership with 3 industry panelists 10/10/13 at 4pm Cloud (preview) (Tweetchat)
(Virtual Learning) Basics of Blogging 10/11/13, 10/25/13 at Noon How to blog, Social
(Virtual Learning) Twitter for Beginners 10/18/13 at Noon Social, Twitter basics, How to Twitter
(Tweetchat) #IBMSWChat Tweetchat: Topic TBD 10/18/13 at 1pm Smarter Workforce #IBMSWChat
(Videocast) IBM Smarter Analytics:  Smarter Government Finance & Budgeting 10/23/13 at Noon Smarter Government
(Tweetchat) #GreaterIBM and Smarter Planet: Smarter Machines with author Steve Hamm & IBM Research Manager Dr. Dharmendra Modha (#P4SPChat) 10/31/13 at Noon Cognitive Computing



- Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

IBM Tweet Chats

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Here’s a round-up of some IBM Tweet Chats. Do you know of any others?  Submit your comment to let us know, and we’ll add it to the list.  All times are shown in US ET.

Tweet Chat
Time Topic Area
People for a Smarter Planet Thurs 12-1pm as scheduled IBM Smarter Planet, IBM Strategic Themes #P4SPchat
IBM Smarter Workforce Every other Friday 1-2pm Smarter Workforce for HR Leaders and Practioners #IBMSWChat
IBM Cloud 2nd Thurs monthly from 4-5pm Cloud Computing #cloudchat
IBM Blu Every other Wed 1-2pm Big Data #ibmblu
CXO Mon 12-1pm Big Data Customer Experience Optimization #CXO



- Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Get Smarter with IBM Virtual Events Coming Up

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Here’s a round-up of some of the cool IBM virtual events coming up.  Check them out!

 Event Date Area Link
(Virtual Event) Energizing Life’s Work/Re-inventing work with IBM Social Business and MIT  9/18/13  Social Business
(Tweetchat) Smarter Planet Tweetchat:  How the convergence of Social, Mobile & Cloud has energized life’s work (#P4SPChat)  9/19/13  Social, Mobile, Cloud
(Tweetchat) #IBMSWChat Tweetchat:  From Boomers to Millenials – Making the Generation Gap work  9/20/13  Smarter Workforce
(Webcast) Transforming Customer Experiences at Southern California Edison  9/25/13  Digital Experience
(Webcast) Expertise & Knowledge Sharing:  Your Company’s Top Differentiators  9/25/13  Social Business, Smarter Workforce



- Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Looking Back; Looking Forward

It was about this time last year that I joined the Greater IBM Connection. My first adventure was going to a holiday party at the  Greater IBM virtual world at Second Life. We were invited to dress-up and show-up!

Much like a real party, there was that burning question, "what do you wear to an IBM holiday party anyway? LOL First I had to create Debbe Dae, my avatar. It was great fun to see her come to life, taller and more graceful than in real life. It was something like 5:30 a.m. when I logged-in for the party, teleporting my way to the celebration. I remember having the sense that  I was "flying off" to some new land — definitely a "second life experience" from the start.

The party was quite amazing. There were IBMers everywhere. It really gave me an introduction to what’s possible for all of us in this virtual domain … I met new friends from all over the world; even discovered that when Debbe Dae hit the dance floor, she could let her uptight hair down and dance! (I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of it!). The holiday costumes and exhibits were way beyond what I had imagined at the time. As I look back, it was probably the most exciting IBM party I can remember LOL. Here are a two "snapshots" I took at the event to show my disbelieving friends where I’d been. I’m the one in the red and black:

Debbe_at_the_dance3_4 Getting up the courage to dance :-)


On the ice rink with the "Skating Christmas Princess"

It came to me that we’ve begun to create history here at the Greater IBM Connection and there is much more to do and nearly unlimited possibilities. New events are emerging all the time with many planned for the coming year. We have a new IBM Innovation Center, a Conference Center and even a place to stop for a latte at Second Life. We have new Greater IBM Connections eMagazine and IBMers all over the world from every region are landing here. It’s one of those important moments when opportunity arrives and questions you. Greater IBM is here. Thousands and thousands have joined the community and now, what will we do with it in 2008?

Looking back; looking forward questions for YOU

  • Do you have a memorable moment or experience at Greater IBM Connection from this year to share with all of us?
  • Have you joined Great IBM yet? We hope you do. Click here to learn more
  • What’s your vision? If we could really make this Greater IBM Connection the best social networking community in the world, what would make it the best for you?

I look forward to hearing from you—and happy holidays to everyone across the world!

Dk_for_skypesmlerDebbe Kennedy
Contributing Author
Greater IBM Connection
Founder, President & CEO

Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies
IBMer 1970 – 1991 L.A.; Anchorage; Seattle; San Francisco

See the Greater IBM Connections Premiere Issue
A eMagazine for and about Greater IBMers

Photos from The Greater IBM Connection Virtual Christmas Party

Thanks to all who came to The Greater IBM Connection Christmas Party!
I was overwhelmed by my many folk came along and at one point I
couldn’t get into my own disco as the island was full!  We had:

  • Christmas Rides and a nativity scene on IBM
  • A snowman and snowglobe building competition on IBM 1
  • An icerink complete with iceskates on IBM 6
  • A Christmas tree with presents from the IBM architects and a Disco in the Greater IBM Virtual Connection Center on IBM 7

All of the above will be there for a few days if you want to go and visit.

Ian, has beaten me to blogging first with some nice pics, but here’s my photos from the event:

What Christmas is really all about:

Boris rides again!:

Lots of people entered the building competitions and there was a good atmosphere there:

Here are the winners on podiums:

prize was some ultra-cool iceskates.  One of the winners managed to wear
the box instead of the skates… (we’ve all done that at least once :)

The IBM architects were giving out presents under the Christmas tree:

And Anita from SOA land had provided some great festive fare outside our building:

People had fun skating:

The Greater IBM Virtual Connection Center was transformed into a disco for the event:
I could only get in after lots of people had left, so it wasn’t so full when I took pics:

Santa even showed up for a boogie!:

Before relaxing with a gluwein…

been an amazing year, and I think the turnout at short notice to the
party underlines how many Greater IBMers "get it".  You you haven’t taken the plunge into Second Life yet, you can sign up here.  This is one of the ways we are exploring to interact in meaningful wasy with IBMer alumni and IBMers, and given the recent IBM and press attention, we have been riding the wave, so why not jump on-board!  We look forward to seeing you at more events: online, in-person and virtually next year.

Merry Christmas!

The launch of the new virtual IBM islands in Second Life

Well, the big day has arrived for the launch of the new IBM virtual islands complex!  Sandy Kearney the leader of the new 3D internet EBO (Emerging Busines Opportunity) launched the IBM islands
with a rousing speech in Theatre 1…

After that there were some tours around the islands.  We then formally opened our new Greater IBM Virtual Connection Center.


We served up cocktails at the bar, thanks to Doug:

And ok… I had one too many shark attack cocktails ;)

and went to sober up on the viewing platform in seminar room 3…

Feel free to come take a look at the virtual connection center on IBM 7 island in SL.

The Great Machinimania Challenge Meetup

The Greater IBM Connection Machinimania Challenge
(make a video trailer for Greater IBM using Second Life) kickoff
meeting went really well on Friday.  We have loads of uptake and Jacob
Hall lecture theatre was the fullest I’ve seen it.  The island even
maxed-out and people were pinging me saying they couldn’t get it as
there were so many people!

ran through the slide deck for the challenge, and explained how the
challenge would work.  Wayne Smith then gave a live demonstration of
the very cool Bijo Cam tool for doing multiple camera angles.

We had to clear out of Jacob Hall as there was another meeting right afterwards,

suggested we go somewhere else, so what we were not blocking folk from
teleporting into Almaden.  Someone suggested going to Narnia (where
else ;) !), so we all teleported to Cair Paravel without a fur coat or
wardrobe in sight!  Thanks to the owner, who is an IBMer.

there, I gave out some more Greater IBM keyboards, and gave people an
opportunity for people to split up into teams.  Here’s looking forward
to some fantastic submissions for videos.  If people have any
questions, please let us know.

Kevin Aires
Project Manager
The Greater IBM Connection

Greater IBM Virtual Bloc Party in SecondLife report with screenshots

It sounds like a great time was
had by all at last night’s Greater IBM virtual bloc party.  Bloggers are already on the case, with Andy
and Eric Mariacher beating me to it. You can also see Wayne Smith’s pictures on snapzilla.  Wayne was filming all through the event (note the video camera in the screenshot below) and is busily editing as we speak.

The meeting was set up in SecondLife on our new skyPOD on
Almaden island and on an international, operator-assisted conference call.  We had 43 attendees in
total or which 29 were guests, with the rest made up of helpers (thank you very
much!) from IBM’s Virtual Universe Community. We had guests to the skyPOD from as far away as Chile, Brazil and Afganistan.  Other countries represented included USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Guests were welcomed at SpacePort Alpha and Austin
islands for orientation, before they were teleported to Almaden island.  Jean Paul, Mayor of Almaden enabled this to be an exclusive event by limiting access to his island to party guests.  Once on Almaden, despite our best efforts to make directions to the skyPOD clear, some people got a little disorientated and went exploring other parts of the island before we herded them all back to
the teleport point and beamed them up to the Greater IBM skyPOD.

Our fears that the system might slow down due to the large numbers
of people using it thankfully proved unfounded.  This enabled me to take the entire group on a tour around the skyPOD together, which I was concerned may not be possible.

Our guests were shown Steven Harrion’s Amazon bookstore application, which demonstrates how users can order books from within SecondLife.

They also saw an
IBM share price ticker which pulls live stock price information from the internet.  During this tour I gave a demonstration of my “Do Not Disturb Sphere” (a tool I created for future use to ensure that IBMers giving client presentations in SecondLife are not disturbed by other passing SecondLife visitors).

As the sun went down, guests were invited to
take a look over Almaden island from the observation deck. They were then encouraged to practice the
skills needed for the following part of the meeting – using gestures,
sitting down, and standing at a microphone.

We moved through to the adjoining Seminar Hall, where Ian Hughes
(ePredator Potato) presented on IBM’s virtual world activities.  As part of his presentation he showered us
with tennis balls (Ian is a veteran member of IBM’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament project team), and showed off his new
customised virtual Reebok training shoes to demonstrate how well known brands are experimenting in SecondLife.

Mathew Georghiou, CEO of Mediaspark took us through what his
company is doing in the MMOG education software space, and how worlds like
SecondLife may impact this market in the future.

Jack Mason of IBM Strategic communications, presented on what we are trying to achieve with
The Greater IBM Connection,

and then led us into a breakout session where each table discussed one of these

* What will make Greater IBM most valuable for IBM alumni?

* How can Core Connectors ignite network growth?

* How can IBM become an engine for collaborative innovation?

* What part can virtual worlds play in helping to build
Greater IBM?


A member of each table then reported back to the entire group,

before I formally ended the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

Most people stayed on for a while to chat with other guests

Guests were each given a Greater IBM gift pack containing a branded T-shirt, cap and flag, all designed by Judge Hocho. I also presented guests with a Greater IBM
keyboard gadget which we had commissioned especially for this event.  These were very well received and one guest told me that he worked for Logitech on keyboard development, so he was particularly impressed!