IBM Center for Applied Insights Launches New Blog! (#IBMCAI)


CAI_Y_avatarIn a world overflowing with data, there’s a lot to be discovered.  The IBM Center for Applied Insights (IBMCAI) uncovers new ways of thinking, working and leading through research and analytics.  IBMCAI studies pair strategic insights with practical lessons to help leaders deliver better results.

Now IBMCAI  has launched a new blog – check it out and let them know what you think in the Leave A Reply field.  You can also subscribe to the IBMCAI blog by visiting and clicking the ‘Follow Blog’ link on the right.


  • Insights by topic (Big Data, Cloud, Social, etc.) and role (Business Leader, IT Leader, Developer) in See Insights by
  • Datagrams, Quotes, Play With Numbers, and other fun in Coffee Break
  • Videos, Infographics, Podcasts, and Translated Insights in Resources
  • A number of ways to get involved, contribute, and connect in Get Involved
  • Global access to the blog in the Select Your Language


Original announcement posted on the IBMCAI blog here:

IBM Center for Applied Insights Launches New Blog! (#IBMCAI).

What’s The Buzz for January 2014

Here’s a quick snapshot of what YOU have been talking about for the month of January 2014. Top five discussions/posts on our blog,Twitter, and Facebook.

IBM Infographic Cartoon: So Your Parent is an IBMer (Survival Guide for Kids) 1260
(Replay) IBM Launches New Watson Group in Silicon Alley 293
IBM Connect 2014 – Energizing Life’s Work 266
What Does IBM Watson Look Like?  Generated Art Face the Wave of the Future? 174
How Many Times Should You Try Before Success? (Infographic) – No 1 Top Tweet 161
Jan 11 – 3 Things You Never Knew About #IBM #Creativity – #Games , #Art , and #Music 14
Jan 14 – #IBM led the world in #patent issuances for the 21st year in a row #infographic 12
(Tie) Jan 4 – #Coffee #Personality – What Does Your Favorite Coffee Say About You? #Infographic, Jan 4 – The no. 1 use of the #internet is #social & 94% go to #learn, Jan 19 – #Teamwork is the mother of invention 10 each
Jan 23 – No. 2 most popular Facebook post: #IBM conference call #cartoon 9
(Tie) Jan 3 – Never do things others can do and will do, if there are things others cannot do or will not do – Amelia Earhart quote, Jan 12 – RT/ @TheRealFredrikG: How to #work fast #infographic via @EntMagazine 8 each
Jan 7 – No. 4 on the @Greater_IBM 2013 countdown – Why IS #IBM Called Big Blue? The Uncertain History of a Colorful Nickname 72
Jan 9 - No. 2 on the @Greater_IBM countdown for 2013: #Infographic – How to Identify an #IBMer 72
Jan 23 – Greater IBMers, do you have a conference call today? The number 2 most popular Facebook post from 2013: #IBM conference call #cartoon 72
Jan 15 – IBM CEO Ginni Rometty keynote speech at NRF (photo) 47
Jan 10 – #‎IBM‬ ‪#‎Infographic‬ ‪#‎Cartoon‬ for ‪#‎FridayFun‬ – So Your Parent is an IBMer (Survival Guide for Kids) 43

- By Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

2013 Top Posts – The Greater IBM Connection

Here’s a quick summary of all our top 2013 posts across our blog, Twitter, and Facebook – thanks Greater IBMers!

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Shares Her Leadership Philosophy (Jan 10) 4782
Infographic:  How to Identify An IBMer (June 17) 4589
Video Tour:  Capturing the Character of the IBM Brand (March 21) 3424
Why IS IBM Called Big Blue?  The Uncertain History of a Colorful Nickname (Jan 17) 3286
 50 Years of Innovation:  IBM Honors 2013 Fellows (April 3) 2193
How many times should you try before #success? #infographic (Dec 8) – (blog post link) 20
Top 10 #skills to #succeed in the 21st century #workplace #Infographic (Dec 29) – (blog post link) 14
How a 1995 #IBM decision changed your internet life today – reflections by Irving Wladawsky-Berger #tech (Apr 17) – (blog post link) 12
How will technology improve our lives in the next 5 years #IBM5in5 (Dec 17) – (blog post link) 11
 Tie:  Women in Technology: Consider Joining IBM #IBMjobs #hotjobs #tech (May 24) – (blog post link), #IBM is #4 on Forbes World’s Most Powerful Brands – (Nov 9) 10 each
IBM Smarter pumpkin (Oct 31 – Photo) 454
Have a few calls today, Greater IBM? (Aug 21 – Conference Call Cartoon Photo) 444
“Develop your own initiative. Do something no one else has done.” — Thomas J Watson, Sr (Jan 4 – Photo Quote) 289
Of the 50 Most Powerful Women in New York 2013, as voted by Crain’s New York, look who is in the top spot (June 24 – Photo + Link) 287
50 years of innovation: IBM honors eight new Fellows (Apr 3 – Photo + Link) 247

- Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Program Manager, The Greater IBM Connection

Don’t Ignore These 5 Virtual Communication Rules

miscommunicationsMiscommunications is still one of the main problems in the workplace.  Heck, it might be one of the main problems in life.

With more of our communications virtual and online, finding the best ways to minimize misunderstanding is key to doing business successfully.

X-IBM Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, shares her new post on “Don’t Ignore These 5 Virtual Communication Rules” that can make a big difference in your virtual/on-line communications and help you get your message across the first time you send it.

Lorian Lipton is founder of The Digital Attitude, LLC, a specialized project management consulting and training company.  Check out her regular blog posts on social branding, project management, and just plain attitude, @ The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

- Posted by Lorian Lipton

The IBM Jobs Blog Just Launched!

IBM Recruitment has launched its new blog – IBMJobs Blog – to provide jobseekers with information about careers, latest news, and worldwide jobs at IBM.

IBM Jobs logoVisit the blog today and find out what it means to be an IBMer and how we work together to change the way the world works. We hope you enjoy the blog and share it with others, and we hope it helps you to expand your own thoughts on how to reach your career potential with IBM.

Subscribe to IBMjobs blog by visiting

Follow us on Twitter @IBMJobsGlobal


What do you think of the newly launched blog? Let us know in the Leave a Reply field.

- Posted by Regan Kelly

5 Steps to Improve Your Self Worth

If you don’t think you’re awesome, who else will (besides your mother)? Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy. Sometimes we all need reminders to focus on achieving and showing our personal value to the world.

cat.lionDo you get stuck in the internal chatter of: “I can’t do it,” “I must not make a mistake,” “What if they don’t like me?”

Here are 5 steps to help you improve your internal conversation so that you build your self confidence so your personal brand can shine.

X-IBMer and Social Butterfly Lorian Lipton coaches you with Self Worth Starts With These 5 Steps, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

- Posted by Lorian Lipton

25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There

Alarm_panicsHow many times have you said, “I just don’t have time!”   And now, with the world at your fingertips, with the internet and global business buzzing by in nanoseconds, having time to get everything done seems more and more difficult to accomplish.

Sorry there will never be a 25th hour in your day  But getting your priorities in order, making wise time choices, and being real with your self, can go a long way.

Here are 4 time management exercises to help you get control of your schedule.  Who knows, maybe you can find the 25th hour. Read IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, as she makes you more productive with her 25 Hours In Your Day? 4 Tips To Get You There, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?

- Posted by Lorian Lipton

18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence

Getting or keeping a job in today’s unstable business climate takes coming up with new ideas and new ways to present yourself  – it takes digital presence.

1.analyzing_computer_tv_head_sm_nwmIncreasing your digital presence on social media is a lot more than just updating your status on Facebook or IBM Connections.

Here are 18 sure fire ways to help you get online and noticed. Read along as IBM’s Social Butterfly, Lorian Lipton, motivates you with her 18 Ways To Increase Your Digital Presence, from her blog The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent.


Greater IBM, what would you add to these? Have you got any tips to share?



- Posted by Lorian Lipton

What Should You Tell Cloud Adopters? Five Key Messages

Frank De GilioBy Frank De Gilio, Smarter Computing blog

Recently I was part of a video debate panel on cloud computing. Actually rather than a debate, it was more of a discussion on the roles of public and private cloud in an enterprise.  Larry Carvalho, Kevin Jackson and I talked about issues in a discussion moderated by David Linthicum. While these discussions were hardly the arguments that make for entertaining video, they leveraged different perspectives to provide a good thumbnail sketch of what enterprises are experiencing when it comes to cloud infrastructure.

Photo: What would you tell cloud adopters? Here are 5 key messages:

David kept the conversation rolling and there were some very interesting topics that are important to businesses trying to create hyper-efficient IT services.  You can see some great clips, as well as the full replay in a blog post here.

The topics discussed by the panel deserve a little more discussion than was possible in the hour allotted. I plan to dedicate a post to each topic in the near future, but for the time being, there are a few messages that came out very strongly. What are those five key messages?


Greater IBMers, what would you add to this list? Is anything missing?

- Posted by Regan Kelly. Part of our May 2013 theme of emerging trends.

The Center for CIO Leadership Launches New Blog

The Center for CIO Leadership is an international, cross-industry peer community solely focused on the advancement of business competencies for technology professionals through peer insights and connections, education, and research. It provides CIOs from around the world with access to a global community of academic and practitioner experts, peer CIOs, and business leaders with a common goal of advancing the CIO profession and providing professional development.

And now it has its own brand new blog – check it out!.

Focused on advancing the CIO profession through global thought leadership, research, education, and outreach, the Center develops practical insights, sponsors a global learning community, promotes peer-to-peer mentoring, and fosters greater understanding of IT among business leaders and executive influencers. It was founded by IBM to achieve these goals as an open, collaborative network of executives and institutions from around the world. The world’s leading CIOs are actively taking a role to shape their future in this unique, collaborative community. Explore the new blog!

And then let us know what you think, in the Leave a Reply field.



The CIO Leadership and Innovation

The CIO Innovation Lab


- Posted by Regan Kelly. This post is part of our theme of Emerging Trends for the month of May, 2013.